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May 13, 2021
1996 ANTIOCH Illinois 23

Nothing is much more crucial that you the appropriate overall performance of the Stingray as compared to problem of the propeller. Also small harm can negatively impact the watercraft's performance. The next information gives you responses for some of the most faq's about propellers.

Exactly what propeller are certain to get the greatest overall performance for hole shot, midrange and top end?
There's no perfect propeller. Proper propping for a Stingray Boat is going to involve a compromise between gap chance, midrange and first class performance. With respect to the specific boat/engine combo, some propellers will do a lot better than other individuals at attaining all three goals. The best opening shot is generally attained with a propeller which allows an engine to achieve rpm since rapidly as you are able to without harmful ventilation or slippage. BLACK MAX, ALPHA and HIGH FIVE are great propeller people that could fit this application. Many machines develop optimum horsepower within the suggested wide open throttle range. Within the range, however, horsepower is usually increased with rpm. The propeller makes use of capacity to move a greater propeller pitch (ins traveled per revolution), and much more rake(bow lift) into more rate with a direct result decreasing motor rpm at wide-open throttle procedure. Mercury offers many excellent performance propellers including LAZER II, MIRAGE PLUS, as well as the BRAVO ONE Performance Series. Mid-range overall performance is a compromise of this above two programs. Select propeller with the larger diameter that enables the motor to work in the upper rpm range.

Exactly what propellers are recommended for my Stingray?
Outstanding worth and an actual performer, this three-blade, black colored, high gloss premium aluminum propeller is made for your Alpha Drive or certainly one of similar power. The Ebony Max is equipped with the patented Flo-Torq II Drive Hub program for improved durability. Solely blended aluminum additionally makes the prop easy to fix.

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