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July 6, 2017
Why Choose A Bahamas Sailing
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Singles Adventure Sailing Vacations

The "Adventure" label applies not only to the enjoyment, freedom and pleasure to be from the ocean by yourself yacht, but in addition into get-involved method, where most people are element of a real "team" - not only people becoming ferried about in accordance with some strict itinerary, or even the whim regarding the captain.

There isn't any responsibility to pull on ropes if you do not wish - however if you'd like to find out about sailing, they'd like to educate you on. For currently skilled sailors - hey, great ! - come take the helm and tweak the sails around you love ! Though they usually have provisional itineraries, they are constantly changeable in line with the tastes for the group - and undoubtedly, the whims for the wind gods ! The singles trips are as versatile and laid-back as possible; as fun and hedonistic as the countries on their own.

"Adventure" also relates to the kind of places you can expect to sail. To some of this more popular places, sure - however they in addition venture means beyond the usual traveler tracks; you can expect to explore the separated countries & villages only obtainable by sailboat - or bribing a local fisherman ! They're the hawaiian islands you may never find in any travel companies' window... a few of the few remaining unspoiled pouches in which traditional Greek tradition and hospititality are definitely live.

Also, the crews have been sailing these oceans for 12yrs now - and they are practically an element of the household in these little islands. So the SeaScape sailors always get a genuine hot welcome anytime their particular yachts sail into port !

Therefore - this can be no cruise liner - it really is a genuine cruising knowledge! They don't make your beds or tidy up your junk - while they may well serve up the gin n' tonics while you swing in a hammock! They'll however, teach you to sail if you wish; just take you Greek dance where locals get, introduce you to the delights of Turkish bathrooms - and sail you to definitely several of the most breathtaking and unspoiled places however remaining in these seas.

sail greece 7 daysThe Greece-AND-Turkey trips sail to your favorite countries when you look at the Dodecanese; from tiny fishing villages where the traditional Greek spontaneity and lively spirit life on - to the brilliant lights and party evenings for the more developed countries, to eat, take in and be merry in modern Greece!

Chicken is a land of more contrasts! From hectic, cosmopolitan slot of Bodrum, it's fascinating and fun bazaars, St John's Castle and hopping night life - on total comparison for the ancient port of Knidos, dating back to 500BC. damages and ancient amphitheatres scattered all over the bay in which we anchor.

Another favourite spots tend to be the quieter, less "touristy" components of Turkey, where our neighborhood friends provide us with a proper household greeting. You can expect to explore much more ancient websites, luxuriate in Turkish baths - as well as learn to belly-dance!

Every little thing onboard is roofed.. They're little cruising yachts - 8 singles ability - frequently several yachts will sail collectively.

Greece and chicken Sailing Vacations - 7 days - $1695 / 14 days - $2795
Dates 2017 Spots Times
June 11 - June 17 Leros-Leros
Summer 18 - Summer 24 sail greece 26
Summer 25 - July 1
July 2 - July 8
July 2 - July 15 Greece & Turkey 13
July 16 - July 22 Kos-Leros
August 2 - August 12 Greece/Turkey 10
August 13 - August 23
September 3 - September 9
September 10 - September 16
September 17 - September 23
September 24 - September 30
October 3 - October 13 Leros-Turkey-Kos
Asia cruising holidays - a week - $1695 / two weeks - $2795
Dates 2017
Febuary 17 - Febuary 25 Phuket-Phuket
March 2 - March 10
March 15 - March 23 sail Phuket8
March 27 - April 4
April 8 - April 16
The conclusion: just what will my vacation expense?

Our philosophy really is easy; our costs are because inclusive as we can sensibly cause them to become. We figure people would rather to know beforehand what the total getaway cost is; not have to bother about little extra shocks on the way!

On our Adventure Sailing trips, as soon as you access it the boat, every thing onboard is covered. We offer provisions for breakfasts, lunches, products (yes, that includes available bar - local liquors, alcohol & wine). The one and only thing we don't integrate is dinners - your local taverna knowledge ashore is much an excessive amount of fun to miss!

Therefore unlike the typical yacht charter when you look at the Med - there isn't any unanticipated extras to get you out halfway ("Oh, you did not realize just how much this marina costs?" or "which will be another 300 euros the fuel bill, thanks very much!" ).

Aided by the even more typical bareboat-plus-skipper arrangement, you are up for everything else - fuel, liquid, mooring, regional taxes, meals, onboard bar bills - perhaps the skipper's drink and food!

Our Singles Sailing holiday philosophy is that nasty $$ unexpected situations never do just about anything for a calming holiday - and then we emphatically cannot work in that way. We would prefer one to eat, take in and become merry - without stressing exactly how much additional it will cost!

Our cruising vacations consist of:
  • Breakfasts
  • Lunches
  • Soft drinks
  • Open club (local beers, wines & liquors)
  • Skipper
  • Informal sailing training if desired
  • Fuel
  • Water
  • Mooring charges
  • Safety deposit
Vacations cannot include:
  • Dinners ashore
  • Transport to and from the boats - airfares, transfers
  • Travel Coverage
  • Individual visas (whenever appropriate)

Greece-Turkey Turkey Greece

Daytime temps during the early & belated season (May, Oct) would be around mid 60sC; midsummer max temperatures could be around mid/high 80s. The humidity is quite low, therefore it rarely seems also hot, even in Aug (though it really is a great plan to remain off towns and stay on the water then!) Another opportunity to experience two countries in a single trip - we are going to be beginning in chicken and checking out her lovely Turquoise Coast when it comes to first few days... then sailing north to our favorite little Greek countries when it comes to second week of adventures!

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