Boat Race London

September 14, 2022
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logo_lionsBased on both legend and history, it is known that the Dragon Boat Festival started in ancient south main China some 2, 500 years ago over the financial institutions of Yangtze River, around the exact same period the Olympic Games started in Greece. Today dragon ship race is one of the most popular water-based activities both in China and offshore.

Over a decade ago, London Chinatown Lions Club organised the first Dragon Boat Festival when you look at the London Docklands as a fund raiser for Chinese schools across the M25 area. Because of the support of Hong-Kong financial and Trade workplace, the festival is co-organised because of the London Chinatown Chinese Association additionally the Hong-Kong Executives Club. This occasion is promoting into a significant social event in Capital, attracting around 10, 000 attendees each year.

London Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival-57 The festival is an excellent opportunity for everyone else to have Chinese culture, while experiencing the thrill of contending and raising cash for charity. Our claims become our most readily useful however. The dragon vessel race claims to-be as exciting as ever before - with 4 different cups available from a revised, more competitive format. You will see a good amount of enjoyment, tasks and attractions for an excellent household day out also. An incredible carnival atmosphere around the event is guaranteed, especially if the sunlight is shining! Many people are urged to take part - experienced rowers to beginners alike, and collectively we are able to get this event successful atlanta divorce attorneys possible method.

08:30 Registration for teams

08:30 Food stalls providing

10:00 club providing

10:00 very first competition and general public appear

11:00 DJ & activity commences

12:30 Opening & eye-dotting ceremony

12:45 rings start on stage

17:30 Finals

17:45 Medal Ceremony and Raffle Draw

18:00 Event ends

> Enter Your Team > Need Row But Have No Staff?

Sponsorship Button Image London Hong-Kong Dragon Boat Festival-42 Family Day Out Image Lyca TV Logo

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