Drag Boat Racing crashes

February 11, 2017
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Scott Lumbert drag watercraft crashScott Lumbert’s drag rushing vessel burst into flames as it achieved 240mph on a lake in Tx


The boat’s back motor seemed to explode, sending it spinning-out of control The boat rolled over and hit the water with a damaging effect The Spirit of Texas rate motorboat disintegrated but Scott for some reason survived

Scott, 35, had easily won their final heat associated with the LakeFest rushing week-end at Marble Falls, Tx, whenever flames shot out from the back engine.

The high-powered art then rolled over and strike the water in a devastating impact that smashed the ship onto 1000s of pieces.

Police Department Captain Glenn Hanson said: “It looked like there was clearly even more fire and liquid than indeed there need already been when he reached the finish line, and when water and smoke finally cleared there was nothing remaining of ship.”

The horrific crash happened on August 14 but video clip features recently appeared.

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Lumbert had been rescued and airlifted to Austin for treatment, in which he had been put into a clinically induced coma.

His sis Lynn said on Twitter has told followers he's slowly making development but he continues to be critically sick.

Scott, whose father additionally raced drag boats, began within the recreation as a kid and it is referred to as “fastest guy on liquid” after clocking 274.927mph when you look at the Spirit of Texas on the Colorado River.

The accident emerged after Mike Fry, 52, had been killed in an accident during the LakeFest occasion, the very first fatality in its 25 year history.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk
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