Drag Boat Racing

October 20, 2016
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These boats are a pleasure to watch. 2 kinds of hulls are currently being utilized, watercraft and outrigger design. Engines are limited to 500 cubic inches. Top gas Hydro may make use of only nitro-methane (65% minimal) and alcohol (pure methanol). Top gasoline Hydros thunder along the fluid track at rates in excess of 250 miles per hour and elapsed period of 3.396 seconds, all this work in 1000 foot. A conventional and out rigger particular motorboat hull designed with a tunnel between the front side sponsons for those reason for trapping atmosphere and lifting the bottom of the hull to ride all or perhaps in part over the surface associated with the surface of the water. A W- drive propels these crafts down the track with double props that turn counter together at 20, 000 rpm's.

Traveling at speeds of 200 plus MPH and impressive elapsed times during the 4.322 in 1000 ft, the motorist should be on his online game everytime. Top Alcohol Hydro may use alcoholic beverages (pure methanol), nitro-methane can be used with an unblown alcoholic beverages hydro. Blown or supercharged motors, also un-blown gas motors may not exceed 565 cubic ins. These devices use both V-drives and w-drives plus the out rigger style hull made its deput last year.

They're the funny vehicles of this drag vessel globe. They too operate the 1000 foot fluid course and set files that exceed 160 MH and secure straight down 5.2 elapsed times. These hulls will vary through the hydro design, this bottom of which is fairly flat with the very least amount of sixteen legs, without any horizontal breaks. therefore "Flatbottom" or "Flatty. Top Alcohol gasoline utilizes the same motor dynamics while the top liquor hydro except screw blowers aren't permitted. You may love viewing these liquid machines competition down the track.

Otherwise generally, "Pro Mod". It's reached be one of the most competitive classes inside drag watercraft series. Running a quicker elapsed amount of time in this course just isn't exactly what a driver would like to do, 7.000-7.999 seconds, with increased exposure of 7.000 is the goal. This watercraft runs with the exact same motor specs since, Top Alcohol Hydro and Top alcoholic beverages Fuel only without a restricted on cubic ins, nitrous oxide is not allowed in expert courses with exclusion of Pro Modified. A hydro design hull and v-drive get this to a crowd favorite on fluid quarter mile.

{tab Sportsman Class}


Pro Eliminator is another exciting, competitive class. Engines could be any cubic inches displacement; whether normally aspirated, supercharged or gas injected including digital gasoline injection methods. Gas are fuel, liquor (pure methanol or ethanol), nitro-methane, E-85, or nitrous oxide. These racers must stay within 8.00-8.99 moments list to compete, therefore don't want to-be kept resting in the light or you will get right back on your own truck and viewing the remainder day.

9.00-9.99 moments index is really what top eliminator is about. Motors dynamics and fuel specs, are just like professional Eliminator. Blowers the sportsman classes may use superchargers or turbochargers with blown motors; however, correct blower restraints must be used as needed based upon gas used. TE is the top class the racer must have a drivers license. What this means is Top Eliminator to Top gasoline Hydro each have actually a specific permit in which the racer must meet and pass the necessary criteria for course desired being compete.

Sportsman class goes on with altered eliminator or changed Eliminator and bring us to 10.00-10.99 2nd index. This is the last class to compete in prior to going in to the permit courses. Any hull design in appropriate with the exception that no blown motors will likely be allowed in any sportsman class jet boat with a v-bottom. Sportsman classes run the total quarter mile.

The index of 11.00-11.99 is the slowest index within the Sportsman classes that will be stock eliminator. This race boat gets the exact same course structure in motor, blowers, gasoline, and hulls as professional Eliminator, Top Eliminator, and changed Eliminator. Slowest possibly deceptive as this course goes down the track at speeds of 95 plus miles per hour. Seriously out and present it a go.

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River Racer indicates that. This is a 12.00 2nd or slower dial - in class that is very competitive. Whether a veteran racer with a rushing vessel, or a newcomer racer using family members ship or fishing-boat this class allows you to com completely to check out how great you will be. Once you test it, there is no heading back. In River Racer gas, blowers and machines specifications are identical since the sportsman courses. No competitive license need.

If you're 18 ears old or over and want to start rushing, or already have your own water art while would like to see just what the racing world is focused on than Personal Watercraft 1 possibly available. Dial- in may be the title associated with online game right here, in which anyone can win on any day based in case your asleep during the light or cross the finishline initially. Private Watercraft's must utilize gas (4stroke) or gas/oil mix (2stroke).

Private Watercraft 2 was created as a basic class the teenage racer with approved water protection class and parental permission. Individual Watercraft 2 racers learn how to measure the begin time clock, mph and elapsed time as different facets of winning the heat. These liquid art post speeds of 50-60 miles per hour in quarter mile.

Source: www.lucasoildragboats.com
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