Sailing the Caribbean Islands

August 25, 2020
Sailing The Caribbean Islands

We have frequently said, to really understand an area you need to go out in a ship and appear straight back. Boating and Islands simply get together — to actually see a place and understand a place you need to get off it. It provides perspective to dimensions, topography and vegetation, as soon as you go to land, you really explore why is an island tick. Just ask any pirate. The good thing of any island would be the hidden shores, protected coves, little villages and small beach pubs frequently inaccessible apart from by boat. There are countless unique locations only boaters find out about and just boaters will get to, whether on a yacht, a sailboat or a pleasure vessel. These are a Caribbean countries for boating.



Due to the distance to Southern Florida, it's very easy to bring your boat right here, whether on your own or with flotillas of ships — as soon as you obtain here, you will find 700 islands to choose from, through the Abacos sequence to Eleuthera into the Exumas. It is boating haven. If you come right here without a boat, you’re not seeing the whole Bahamas.

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