Sailing to Catalina Island

February 8, 2017
Sailing to Catalina Island
cruising to Catalina island

Sailing to Catalina Island: distance and time from Los Angeles

Will you be deciding on cruising to Catalina Island from l . a .? Here, we provide length and vacation times for a vessel to sail to Catalina Island (Avalon or Two Harbors) from most well known Los Angeles harbors (Dana Point, Newport Beach, Huntington Harbor, Los Angeles Harbor, Marina del Rey).

Sailing to Catalina Island: roads from la

In my experience, many persuasive explanation to call home in l . a . instead of San Diego, is the close proximity of Catalina Island. In north park, we can drive to Mexico in thirty minutes. This might be nice. But in LA, it is possible to sail a boat into area, leaving midday on a Friday and arriving at some point Friday evening. That is excellent.
When you arrive, you'll find sailing Catalina Island is incredibly fun - in addition there are several bays and bights between Avalon as well as 2 Harbors to fish from and drop the anchor.
Just how long does it take to sail to Catalina Island? I have this question lots. Therefore, I was thinking it will be an excellent resource to own these distances and travel times posted on the internet site. There are several folks sailing to Catalina from la, therefore hopefully this is useful.

sail to catalina area

Distance in nautical kilometers: (1 nm = 1.15 land kilometers)
Dana Suggest Avalon: 33
Dana Point to Two Harbors: 38
Newport Seashore to Avalon: 26
Newport Beach to Two Harbors: 32
Huntington Harbor to Avalon: 25
Huntington Harbor to Two Harbors: 27
LA Harbor to Avalon: 25
Los Angeles Harbor to Two Harbors: 22
Marina del Rey to Avalon: 38
Marina del Rey to Two Harbors: 31

We plotted aside these distances centered on my path (direct), and took an estimated begin point per length during the beyond each harbor. Each mariner may experience a slightly various length, according to their particular mooring area and line of sail, but examine these good approximations.

My chart for plotting the seas of Southern Ca

We have made these tracks in a 30 base sailboat (1976 Newport), and taking into consideration the number of circumstances We practiced (present, swells, headwind), let's say - my average speed for these trips was 4.7 nautical kilometers/hr. This average rate makes up about some cruising in advisable that you reasonable winds and then the engine-turned on at averagely high RPM when the wind goes light. For some folks with a sailboat near 30 legs, just under 5 nautical kilometers/hr. is just about the proper normal speed for mixed circumstances.

Sailing to Catalina Island

At that average rate, the estimated time it might decide to try get from A to B is:

Time necessary for each leg (if averaging 4.7 nautical miles/hr.)
Hours (in decimal)
Dana Indicate Avalon: 7
Dana Indicate Two Harbors: 8
Newport Seashore to Avalon: 5.5
Newport Seashore to Two Harbors: 6.8
Huntington Harbor to Avalon: 5.3
Huntington Harbor to Two Harbors: 5.7
LA Harbor to Avalon: 5.3
LA Harbor to Two Harbors: 4.6
Marina del Rey to Avalon: 8.0
Marina del Rey to Two Harbors: 6.6

Naturally, sailors seldom use a totally direct course in one point to another (either because some tacking or even to unintentional meanderings) and thus, it would be wise to plan an hour or so on top of these estimates.

Cruising the Alize' into the welcoming glow of Avalon harbor.

If your wanting to untie the dock lines, you need one or more high quality cruising guide aboard. Fagan's guide is typically viewed as probably the most extensive guide for cruising Central and Southern CA. It has held me out-of trouble a few times.
Plus, this guide has actually a fantastic section on anchorages around Catalina Island and a comprehensive part on harbors in la. Amazon offers cheap made use of copies.

My sailing web log functions posts of similar nautical information for other cruising regions regarding the west coast, please follow backlinks below:

And, if you are going to really make the trip off to the area, you will want to prepare for some peace and quiet within the cabin. When you lose sight of land, the hours start going slow. This is a good thing because provides to be able to relax and shake out the worries of our regular lives.
However, you will need some light entertainment. Bring a book. To stay in when, bring a sea-faring guide. If you should be a history buff, i would suggest, "couple of years Before the Mast" by Richard Henry Dana. If you should be into single-handed sailing stories, i will suggest, "Sailing Alone Around the World" by Joshua Slocum.

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