Model Yacht Sail making

August 18, 2022
Your best sail cloth and

Sirius Sails with delivered Camber (TM), will be the latest technology in sailmaking for design yachts. They are 3D computer system created and built making use of proprietary broad seaming strategies that produce air foil shapes exactly the same as those used on full sized yachts.

The trim and gratification restrictions of older model boat sailmaking technology (sail boards and sail obstructs), which produce different circular arc shapes, have already been eliminated. The pictures reveal the powerful distributed camber positioning and low drag leech forms.

Sirius Sails, with Distributed Camber (TM), make:

  • High lift to drag ratios in every wind rates
  • Higher forward drive and lower heel vectors
  • Impressive speed
  • Tighter sheeting sides

than tend to be possible with sail board or sail block made sails. Sirius Sails special design enables maximized performance inside upper and lower wind number of the sail. Limited wind range overall performance is eradicated. Additionally, since Sirius Sails' proprietary sail design pc software and seaming resources allow precise control of camber and it's area, custom tailored designs can be used for each model yacht type.

At this time, designs for 36/600, 6M, 1M J "Ranger", Canterbury J, Dragon energy 65, Dragon Flite 95, East Coast 12, Fairwind, H56, I54, IOM, Marblehead, Micro Magic, Mini 12, Newport 12, ODOM, RG65, Santa Barbara, Soling 1M, Soling 50, celebrity 45, United States 1 Meter, US12, Victoria, VO70 and Wheeler design yachts have been in production and can include a design certain trim guide. Other People courses and customized sail designs offered upon request.

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