Sailboat plans

April 19, 2019
Sailing Yachts Design Plans

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Start sail boats for cruising or overall performance cruising.

Sailboats for coastal or offshore cruising, with inside accomodations. Max. 25' LOA.

Sailboats with an LOA above 25'.

Best tech support team: we shall assist you to become successful! All our programs and kits include complete tech support team. Make inquiries on our help webpage
Manufacturers and fellow designers will respond instantly. During the exact same website, you'll find hundreds of pages of tutorials, programs updates, a forum to share a few ideas about our boats and several thousand pictures - see completed ships and several associated with the building steps done-by designers like you.
All the products needed to develop our ships can be found at Epoxy resins, fiberglass, marine plywood, foam, paint and hardware should be sent to your home at a lower life expectancy price than neighborhood shops.

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