Black Rock Sailing School

December 19, 2020
Black Rock Sailing School in

Ebony Rock Sailing School holds ASA 101 and 103 programs ANY Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, Saturday, Sunday throughout the period away from our Boston, MA and Warwick, RI areas. ASA 101 is available off our Marblehead place Monday - Wednesday besides.

ANY Monday - Wednesday alternative can be converted to a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday option!

Custom classes that contain random weekdays (M - TH) over a two week period will also be possible!

At the least TWO pupils are expected to operate a course, otherwise you may spend personal session rates to perform a program all on your own.

If you do not see a schedule that works well available, give us a call! We can custom-design a schedule. Courses fill rapidly, therefore call today! 101, 103, 104, & 106 are also available Nov. 1st - April seventh through our Virgin Island place. Demand details!


Our Boston, MA location has actually a cruising period that operates from May 1st - October 15th.

Our Marblehead, MA location features a cruising that period runs through the first Saturday in May through very first Sunday in October.

Our Warwick, RI place has actually a summer time sailing season that runs through the third Friday in April through the third Sunday in October AND a winter cruising season from the first Saturday in November through the 3rd Sunday in December, therefore the very first Saturday in March through 2nd Sunday in April.

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