Sailboat tattoo

July 19, 2022
Girl With The Sailboat Tattoo

He Tattoo 26, is a trailerable, 26-foot motorsailer built by Paul Sharp and Laura MacGregor Sharp. Laura may be the daughter of Roger MacGregor, fashion designer and builder regarding the MacGregor 26.

Tattoo Yachts uses the MacGregor 26 hull and deck molds. Creating the Tattoo 26 from founded molds implies that it really is a proven design, and buyers can sail-or motor-their brand-new ships with confidence. It also means the Tattoo 26 has many of those renown MacGregor features, like powerful motor abilities and liquid ballasting which make the MacGregor 26 and Tattoo 26 be noticed among various other little sailboats.

You will find, but important differences when considering the Tattoo 26 plus the MacGregor. The Sharps remodeled the boat for the next generation of sailors, who will such as the square-topped main, the halyards running aft on seat as well as other changes, including aesthetic ones. The 6-foot headroom interior is warmer with bamboo trim and a multi-purpose table with built-in storage that can converts into a berth. Topsides, the mast rotates on a hinged step. A roller furler, genoa and an asymmetrical spinnaker tend to be choices.

Optimizing space using the table and slide-away galley makes room for an enclosed mind, a comfort never seen on ships this size. The 26 sleeps six in two couch berths, a forward dual and a queen-sized aft berth.

A number of the additional space originates from the fact the engine is installed outboard, and it's really an engine which could run a motorboat 3 times the displacement for the 26. Including 5 to 60 horsepower, the bigger motors drive the vessel into powerboat performance, in the 20-knot range. Decrease to 6 knots and you may motor for 200 miles without refueling.

The 6-foot-long seat has winches mounted forward on either side of the companionway. The centerboard control line is resulted in cockpit, and the centerboard it self folds totally to the hull. That's a protective feature: once the board is up, it really is safe from difficult landings on sand or the trailer.

As a centerboarder, the 26 requirements ballast, and in place of lead-in the bilge, which may influence trailering overall performance, the vessel makes use of about 1, 700 pounds of water ballast for security. That is sufficient ballast to make it self righting. According to the Sharps, it will take about 5 minutes to fill or drain the tanks, and additionally they are drained although the motorboat is rolling later on. Along with the solid stability, an additional security feature is the hull's foam core, supplying enough flotation maintain the ship and crew awash until assistance comes.

It's much more likely the staff is awash in enjoyable without water. The boat's not as much as 8-foot beam and 2, 500-pound dried out weight helps it be slim and light enough to trailer to nearly any lake with paved road accessibility, plus the 12-inch draft means that it launches off most vessel ramps-and then anchors almost in the coastline.

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