Remote Control Sail boats

August 17, 2022
Remote control sail boats

Our friend Eric Schade, with assistance from Dave Jackson, created this 48-inch long rc model sailboat, which Eric has actually called the "Independence". At the least a hundred Independence yachts have now been built, both by individuals, in classes during the WoodenBoat class, and also at Pequot Yacht Club on extended Island Sound. At Pequot they have been racing the ships two times weekly for a long time. Cannot skip the video clips of Independence designs in action!
Whether you need to join or develop an organization to race together, or desire merely to enjoy cruising around the local pond by yourself or with a friend, this vessel are a fantastic introduction to sailing, and certainly will keep on being fun consistently in the future. Moreover, since the Indy is a "One Design" course, your boat should be competitive with other Independence Class ships in the event you want to competition.
A powerful and receptive cruising design, the Indy is equipped with simple and cheap radio control technology (not included). It utilizes exactly the same pre-cut plywood panels and stitch and glue construction as our other kits. Inside one-week WoodenBoat School class, we could complete and sail their Indys during course (40-45 hours. work).
If you're interested, there are certain methods develop:

  • Simply buy the programs and get materials locally.
  • Buy the CNC-cut and -drilled marine plywood and timber components and instructions for $199. The system includes a supplementary list that informs what else you will need and where you might get it. (note that list here.) The kit doesn't include the lead keel, hardware, R/C gear, or sail.

Our kit doesn't add a radio, receiver, or servos. The guide details installing a simple radio setup (the Hitec Ranger 2N and HS785HB sail winch servo). Alternate radio gear could also be used.

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