Inflatable Sailboat

August 8, 2022
Tiwal 3.2 Inflatable Sailboat

I started SailboatsToGo LLC because i enjoy cruising and I hate expenditure and hassle. When I obtain the impulse becoming in the pond or bay under sail, i do want to only get and get cruising in the time. Once I'm perhaps not cruising, I do not wish mooring costs, truck permit charges, storage space problems, upkeep issues etc. I looked over and rented a Sunfish - fat on land and it is purely bathing-suit cruising, that is no good at the beginning of Spring or in Fall. We built a plywood sailboat. Overweight and it needed a trailer, yearly upkeep, and had not been comfortable. I viewed and rented the Escape. Overweight. Truck needed. Uncomfortable, Maybe not dried out. At last i got myself a sail rig for my canoe. EXCELLENT! Roomy, lightweight, dry, comfy, fun to sail. So great, that I wanted to create the sail rig with me on holidays towards Caribbean. But there are no canoes to hire where we vacationed within the Caribbean. So I made a rig for an inflatable raft, with a couple parts through the canoe rig and some ingenuity. The ensuing inflatable sailboat worked therefore remarkably well, I experienced to talk about it utilizing the world...

Plus 2003 SailboatsToGo LLC was created!

About our Sail Kits. Every little thing had a need to sail is roofed except wind, water therefore! Nothing inside our system has ended 4 foot lengthy when folded. The whole creased system fits in a bag therefore the fat of most kits is within the 35 - 40 lb. range. They can fit quickly when you look at the trunk of a little car with area to spare and store in a closet if not under a bed! Our sail rigs are built tough, to face as much as wind, waves, and sodium water. All components are produced from deterioration resistant products like anodized aluminum, superior plastic materials, and stainless steel. Lots of the boats could be setup for rowing and simply take gas or electric outboard motors (many need an optional engine mount). Will our rigs work with types of boats perhaps not listed on our website? Most likely yes! Email and tell us exactly what make and model boat you wish to sail. Much More...

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