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May 31, 2017
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Refreshments $20 per person (refreshments is no-cost for sets of 6 or fewer individuals)

  • We keep our pricing simple and easy reasonable.
  • Like a 4 time journey with 16 men and women is released to $1, 920. ($400/hr * 4 hour = $1, 600 plus $320 for meals and beverages) This pricing is $30/person hourly.
  • Refreshments prices are according to a simple and yummy menu (see below). If you have some thing special you would like, let us know therefore we provides it. If prices are additional we will ask you for only our expenses - no markup on food or drink.
  • Wish to deliver your special wine? Certain - we have NO corkage fees.
  • Clean up fees - nothing.
  • Pickup places - we are able to pick you up in Oakland, Sausalito or bay area
Costs through the following:
  • Yacht, accredited Captain and team
  • Totally free parking in Sausalito really close to the watercraft.
  • Exceptional food and drink (you arrive at select food that you would like)
  • 10per cent of all of the revenue would go to are non-profits (inform us for those who have a favorite team to aid)
Take your buddies or household out for a personal San Francisco boat charter. The whole price can be less than $30/hour per person. This can be a real bargain for a personal san francisco bay area yacht charter with an experienced captain.
We are able to offer excellent food and drink for the trip – or you can BYO.
Let us know what kind of food and drink you would like and it surely will be supplied.

Chicken, ham or roast beef sandwiches, mozzarella cheese and crackers, chips, fruit, chocolate, wine, alcohol, liquid, sodas. Vegetarian meals is present.

If you like smoked salmon, sushi, shrimp beverage, sliced up steak, or a container of your preferred wine or wine - just tell us.

In the event that expense is additional we shall charge you only our costs - we cannot mark-up the food/drink.

Enjoy Bay Area Sailing with good food and drink.


  • A 50per cent deposit is needed to reserve a date for cruising.
  • Checks, money and charge cards are accepted.
  • E mail us about promoting the local charity together with your cruising event.
  • The Best of San Francisco Bay Area Yacht Charters.

San Francisco Bay Area Docking Fee

Please be aware that if you desire united states to select you up in san francisco bay area at Pier 40, we'll have to charge a fee $150. This is actually the fee that SF charges united states to use their particular dock. We cannot ask you for for time it takes to carry the ship to San Francisco, just the docking fee recharged because of the City. Note: There is no docking fee if you're being obtained in Sausalito or Oakland

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