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February 24, 2017
At Sandy Bay Sailing Club

Tasmanian Community Fund aids
Juicy Isle Refurbishment

Numerous users could have observed our gleaming new begin watercraft “Juicy Isle” gracing the lake in recent weeks. The Sandy Bay Sailing Club committee on the behalf of all members and other nearby clubs wish to thank the Tasmanian Community Fund (TCF) who supplied the majority of the investment necessary to finish this extremely important project.

The start ship had very nearly achieved the end of its life and trained with ended up being customized from a family cruiser suffered from many Work Health and Safety issues along side numerous functional compromises. The aim of the refurbishment would be to pull WH&S problems and enhance the functionality to allow continued safe usage by SBSC members and notably other groups in the region.

During the early August the ship was taken to the boatyard of Derwent aquatic where Don Bailey plus the staff performed what can simply be described as an outstanding work. Don ended up being overheard saying at one point “we underestimated the actual quantity of appreciate my team was prepared to bestow with this great boat”. The outcome is a-start ship that consistently support sailing in Hobart for the following 15 – twenty years. Works undertaken included:

1. Strip and repainting associated with hull and deck
2. Brand new mast gantry including electric wind tools
3. Update to electric methods
4. Reinforce cabin and windows framework
5. Front anchor well dimensions extended to eliminate the need for anyone to be regarding the bow when anchoring
6. Brand new fuel container system.

The finished item is currently gleaming and back in active service in addition to objective of creating it less complicated and safer to use has-been attained. The boat is currently used regularly by the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania, Yachting Tasmania and our cousin club the Derwent Sailing Squadron.

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