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December 15, 2017
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The Lafayette Sailing Club (LSC) is a company composed of individuals and households contemplating sail sailing and sail boarding. The club was initially created in 1969 by a small selection of Purdue University and Lafayette area people contemplating sailboat racing. LSC was integrated in Indiana in 1970 and it is signed up with all the Indiana Secretary of State as a not-for-profit business.

A brief history of this Lafayette Sailing Club

The concept for the Lafayette Sailing Club was sparked in March of 1968 at Chicago Boat Show with the chance conference of Bruce Liljedahl and John Sullivan the very first time and their particular advancement they had been both from Lafayette, Indiana. They consented then they would try to organize a sailing club in Lafayette. John and Bruce pooled the recognized brands of an individual in the Lafayette area just who possessed sailboats. Several of those folks met for the first time to sail on September 22, 1968 at Raccoon Lake, Indiana. Additionally they met again four weeks later on at Virgil Drakes' cottage on Lake Freeman, Monticello, Indiana. In 1969, this casual group of Lafayette sailors met as soon as to chat and seven more times to sail collectively and sometimes competition at Lake Freeman. Lake Shaefer (Indiana), and Lake Michigan. The Lafayette Sailing Club had been formally organized on March 18, 1970 at a meeting held within residence of Bruce and Harriet Liljedahl in western Lafayette, Indiana. The actions in 1970 consisted of (1) a children's sailing school which included six Saturday morning sessions in April and could at Glen Fisher's place on Lake Freeman.

John Sullivan was at cost of this college along with 10 children who finished the college; and (2) a series of Sunday afternoon outings and events at Lakes Freeman, Mississinewa, Raccoon, and Maxintuckee, Indiana. The number of households participating averaged about 10, using last competition at Virgil Drake's cottage bringing out 12 ships and 14 families. All racing was as a mixed fleet making use of the Portsmouth quantity Handicaps system. This method remains in use by the club with improvements.

1970 Board of Govenors

  • Bruce Liljedahl, Commodore
  • John Sullivan, Vice-commodore
  • Bob Shearun, Treasurer
  • Bob May, Secretary
  • Bill Burns
  • Glen Fisher
  • Hugh McAdams
  • Dave Trout

Who works the Club

The membership operates the club via a 12-member Board of Governors consisting of 3 officers, (Commodore, Vice Commodore, Secretary/Treasurer) and 9 other members. The Board is elected by and through the energetic club members on yearly fall banquet. Each person in the Board is chosen to serve for a 3-year term. Terms over-lap in order to prevent a total "turnover" each year.

What kind of services does LSC Have

The LSC preserves an exclusive, enclosed, shielded harbor with sailboat storage for energetic members, and a coastline and grassed picnic area on east shore of Lake Freeman, Monticello, Indiana, directly adjacent to Pearson's Marina (around one mile north for the Oakdale Dam at the south end of this lake). Map

Which Belongs To LSC

The sheer number of users varies from year to year but averages around 100 memberships which include family members and specific subscriptions (aproximately 270 people). The club membership is representative associated with the cross-section for the Greater Lafayette Area and it is available to all individuals without reference to battle, religion, sex or nationwide beginning. It includes Purdue University professors, staff and graduate students (more or less 50per cent associated with the subscriptions), business gents and ladies, and expert and non-professional individuals. People are from Lafayette, western Lafayette, Monticello, Delphi, Buck Creek, Attica, Dayton, Frankfort, Idaville, Wolcott, Wheatfield, Brookston and Battle Ground, Indiana.

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