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March 10, 2018
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Requirements: Not One

Reading Material: Sailing Made Simple by ASA

Information: A two day training course, pupils learn to sail a Capri 22’ in reasonable wind and ocean circumstances in north park Bay. A preparatory standard without navigation skills needed. This might be a prerequisite for additional cruising classes. After this class you'll be certified to hire and sail to our 25ft boats.

The Cost: Free for members of our Sailing Club, $199 for Sailing Club co-members, and $349 for non-members.

Prerequisites: 101

Reading Materials: Coastal Cruising Made Effortless by ASA

Definition:A two-day training course going from 9-5 both times. Sailors must cruise properly in local and local oceans as both skipper and crew on an auxiliary driven sailboat in moderate winds and sea circumstances.

The Cost:For Sail Club members and co-members the fee is $350, and $470 for non-members.

Requirements: 101 & 103

Reading Materials: Cruising Basics by Harry Munns

Information: A two-day live aboard course starting at 9am and finishing at 5pm listed here day. Sailors will become skipper and staff as they apply both day and night cruising in seaside seas. Sailors will get abilities in upkeep, boating systems, navigation, anchoring and much more.

The Cost:For Sail Club members and co-members the fee is $449, and $499 for non-members.

Reading products: Coastal Cruising Made effortless by ASA and Cruising Principles by Harry Munns

Description:This is a 3 day regional course with duel cruising certification of 103 and 104. This accelerated live aboard training course is supposed for advanced level sailors. You are going to embark at 6am on a Friday and return Monday 5 pm. Pupils have a distinctive chance to find out not merely the abilities regarding the 103 and 104 and simple tips to provision a boat for short-term cruising.

The Cost:3-Day program: For members & co-members the price of the course is $695, and $765 for non-members.

Reading products:Coastal Navigation Book with solutions workbook, rehearse chart and DVD generated by ASA

Description:This course is taught as a house research. Pupils must demonstrate the navigational theory expected to safely navigate a sailing vessel in coastal or inland seas. There aren't any cruising skills included in this standard; the skills are incorporated in to the 106 Advanced Coastal Cruising Standard.

The price: For people, co-members, and non-members Testing and certificates only the cost is $135. Tutoring offered at $25/hour, 2 time minimal.

Prerequisites: 101, 103, 104, & 105

Reading products:Annapolis Book of Seamanship by John Rousmaniere, and Mark Smith

Definition:A four-day real time aboard course to Catalina, which departs at 9am and comes back in the evening regarding the 4th time. Sailors will act both as skipper and team. This might be on a daily basis and nighttime standard in coastal and inland water and in any weather condition.

The price: 3-Day training course: For users & co-members the expense of the course is $900, and $975 for non-members.

Cruising Catamaran Class (114)

Requirements: 101, 103, 104

Reading Products:Multihulls Principles by Rick White with Harry Munns

Description:Held from 9AM to 5PM at Mission Bay on our Gemini 35 Catamaran. Students will learn maneuvering with a twin screw sail motorboat in tight quarters in check. Proper tacking and jibing and so many more idiosyncrasies of handling a Cruising Cat. Course includes: springing down docks, managed backing, 350 degree “standing turns”, docking and much more.

The price: For members, co-members, and non-members the cost of the class is $175.

Take the Challenge

Sailors whom currently have the relevant skills necessary to pass the Basic Keelboat amount can challenge the course.There is a private regarding the liquid skills section, including a knot test, along with the written exam.Sailors should read Sailing Made Simple by ASA to see when they should be prepared when it comes to challenge.The challenge will usually take 3 ½ hours or less to perform.

The fee: For users, co-members and non-members the fee is $189.

Get ASA Certified

All of our cruising courses tend to be taught in respect into American Sailing Association traditional.With our programs, you’ll make a Seaforth Sailing School Certification.You can earn very same ASA official certification for an additional cost of $39. This price should include a certification seal, ASA certified sailor ID card, and a membership to ASA.American Sailing Association is an internationally recognized cruising college and establishes the conventional for sailing certifications. Check-out for more details.

Class prices cannot add certification fees or textbooks unless otherwise mentioned.
With no less than 3 students, any class are organized with advance notice. Personal classes can be organized to fit your schedule.
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