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August 12, 2016
At Ranelagh Sailing Club

IMG_2372.JPG - largeWe welcome aspiring sailors, swimmers, dolphin spotters, kayakers, snorkelers, windsurfers, anglers, protection watercraft motorists and beach fans of most centuries and ability.

We’re a family-focussed cruising club ready to accept any Ranelagh Club user which likes the idea of enjoying the wonderful Port Phillip Bay on a wind or person driven vehicle.

Whether you’ve sailed any life or have never stepped base in a boat, you’re thank you for visiting join us on Ranelagh Yacht Squadron (RYS) for an assortment sailing programs and tasks. Plus we encourage any kayakers, windsurfers and kite-surfers to come down also. The greater, the merrier!


Our season launch and Discover Sailing Day ended up being a good success final Sunday. It was fantastic to see the beach, the coastline box and the boats high in individuals taking pleasure in sailing at Ranelagh. Inviting plenty new sailors to sample this system offered by The Ranelagh Club had been a genuine thrill therefore we hope to see you all again shortly. Thanks to all just who attended and the many volunteers which aided your day get well.

Our after that cruising will likely to be 9am Sunday 6 November. Meet down during the beach box. We’ll be in touch the few days before with weather condition updates and much more information. Keep in mind, you don’t need a boat or perhaps skilled, we provide everything you need to move out regarding the water and have enjoyable. The sole demand is that you enroll as sailing people, at no extra cost, right here:

Planning is really underway for the 2017 Kidsail system, happening from .

Details may be away shortly via Twitter, this newsletter while the club. Please make contact with any office to join up your interest.

Source: www.ranelagh.com.au
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