Aussea Sailing School

June 26, 2020
AusSea Sailing School

Thanks to Simon Grain for this report: Sean Kirkjian’s Pacific Sailing class group excellently along with the inimitable ‘AJ’ Tony Reynolds additionally the school graduates in Sailpac took out of the 2017 Australian Nationals with an excellent and constant result over Shane Guanaria, helming course stalwart Arthur Crother’s Kaotic by 4 points. Brendan Lee cruising By the Lee from Melbourne was third by another 7 things. A current record fleet of 25 boats competed within the Nationals managed by the Cronulla Sailing Club, located in Port Hacking regarding southern edge of Sydney. Numerous competitors were visiting Cronulla the very first time and also come away with great thoughts and glowing opinions of the regatta. Cronulla Sailing Club ironed out all the bugs identified in the NSW States held in early November and ran a faultless regatta. From brilliant cruising oceans regarding sea side toward picturesque Gunamatta Bay where the club is found (5-minute walk towards the search beach on the other hand regarding the little Cronulla peninsula) as well as the friendly, helpful and delighted club volunteers serving us dinner every night off the BBQ, I didn’t hear one grumble in regards to the operating and management of the regatta. I'm confident in saying there are numerous looking forward to another into the future–even those through the harbour loved it! Out on the racetrack, the competition was fierce, with black flags and consequent DSQs happening after each general recall. PRO Dave McLachlan went a near faultless series, a couple of significant wind modifications right on the starting signal being the only trouble encountered. The usual gladiators took out the high class of results with the exception of Brendan Lee that is a rising celebrity through the Sandringham fleet in Melbourne. Brendan is putting in an important work in both club and regatta race, and his 3rd spot reflects this. Stephen Girdis cruising Convicts took out fourth, with Dave West’s Ace becoming sailed by SA blow-in crew Doug ‘El Fideldo’ Watson considering Dave’s wife’s health crisis. Another great overall performance in the last-minute by Doug. ‘Mr. J/24′ Hugo Ottaway sailing Bruschetta IV and NSW Class President John Crawford took the next two from Steve O’Rourke, Simon Grain and Janette Syme (rounding out the most notable ten). Rushing ended up being generally speaking light to medium in SE to NE breezes with many boats never pulling out jibs for the entire regatta. An 18-20 knot NE snap tested some of the boats regarding the last time but not really causing any real difficulty. Usually going kept compensated but not always, and often it absolutely was feasible to get a wind fold regarding right hand corner that offered you a couple of places. Racing had been tight all over sides, therefore the otherwise...

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