Windward Sailing School

September 6, 2022
Windward Sailing School

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Program Details

WINDWARD WINS AGAIN! The American Sailing Association awarded Windward Sailing OUTSTANDING CLASS OF THE SEASON!

Windward Sailing class has consistently placed when you look at the top five cruising schools nationwide, every year. We've built upon our long-standing tradition of superiority by adding more training choices, discounts and total versatility in scheduling. Besides our place, we offer on-the-water instruction in the better Jacksonville location. Our Ortega River location is just moments away from Jacksonville Landing, and will be offering a wide range of services both for brand new and experienced sailors.

Courses tend to be taught by United states Sailing Association licensed Instructors. Course size is restricted to 8 folks when you look at the classroom—4 folks per boat.

If any at this time scheduled programs tend to be inconvenient obtainable, call us to ask about exclusive lessons. Some classes tend to be organized on a demand foundation; write to us if you want to just take a class not at this time planned.

All certification courses proceed with the United states Sailing Association Standards. Candidates must achieve the stated prerequisites before they might challenge or take the required ASA examination.

We need no less than 2 pupils per certification class. For one more $300 (above regular charge), we'll provide private instruction for one pupil, planned at your convenience.

For Custom Sailing Instruction (non-certification), you can expect exclusive lessons at $60 hourly (minimal 3 hours), scheduled at your convenience.


Listed here discounts tend to be subtracted from
the full total price when pupils register collectively
for the same sessions:

Number of 2 = $100 rebate
Number of 3 = $150 discount
Selection of 4 = $200 discount

Our weather is hot and balmy the majority of the year, but please be ready for changing problems.

We request that every pupils put on non-scuffing soled footwear in order to avoid black colored marks on our vessel porches. Many Thanks!

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