Blue Water Sailing School Reviews

October 12, 2022
924 NE 20th Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

(754) 216-1679

You can find things in life I wish used to do earlier in the day; however, they only become disappointments if you never do all of them at all. I'm so delighted I came across the folks at Blue Water Sailing School, that have provided adventure, beauty of your environment and their passion for cruising in one giant bundle. It is not dull class room knowledge, you learn from hands on method from experienced vetted specialists. I was lucky enough to possess Duane as an instructor and have the class mates that I'd with this seven day odyssey from Ft. Lauderdale into the Florida Keys in a 43' Leopard Catamaran. Their were three others with different skill and inspirational levels. Duane surely could pass along their knowledge, the ASA's knowledge with humor, concise information and a sailors skill. The mixture of just basic enjoyable plus the learning experience had a symbiotic relationship together. The desire to learn the very next day's lesson program ended up being eagerly anticipated. I could assure you and myself that I did get a whole lot from this class and look toward next level of the "passageway" course. Dave, although we never ever met you, you operate not a taut ship, you operate a good ship.

These are typically never truth be told there they tell u to visit enjoyable under the sun plus the guy there clearly was disrespectful they never ever get back your calls and don't offer info on stcw also there website states 930-5pm I'm here at 2 no you're here they don't respond to the device and it's terrible costumer satisfaction

Did the Bareboat Skipper the week of Thanksgiving. Strongly suggested if you wish to learn to sail. We spent a week with Captain Duane on a 53' 14 ton monohull with 5 staterooms / 5 heads, 4 students. Had been a very good time also discovered a huge amount of material. I suggest studying your ASA publications a great deal before going, also there is certainly an iPhone software "cruising quiz" that can help you learn also. The tests are not too tough however it is simply countless information for one few days to pay for. Capt Duane is an excellent sailor and a great man and has plenty of experience he can educate you on. Had been so difficult to travel back to cold Nebraska after that, but makes me desire to just take even more sailing courses today, plus some time sell all my material and get live on a boat!

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