Gibraltar Sailing Schools

September 21, 2022
RYA Yachting and Sailing

Join ROCK Sailing in Gibraltar for an RYA cruising program in Mediterranean sunshine.

You can expect the full variety of RYA useful cruising classes from our base in Gibraltar, providing you with the opportunity to sail in hot, tidal waters whilst cruising the stunning Spanish and Moroccan coasts. Great local culture combined with expert tuition tends to make this a great cruising location for newbies to experienced yachtsmen alike.

All of our cruising programs, from Competent Crew or Day Skipper right-up to Fast Track Yachtmaster are taught on modern-day yachts that are completely loaded with the most recent safety and navigation gear. Our experienced instructors will make sure that your cruising is safe, challenging and gratifying.

With 300 days of sunshine a year and some famous winds coming off the Rock, you will find Gibraltar difficult to beat. North Africa is a quick sail throughout the Straits and Spain and Portugal coming. Whether you're in search of professional education or cruising activities, we are able to arrange it obtainable.

Spring 2016 Information from ROCK Sailing

We have been starting the season with warm sunshine and blue skies and outstanding provide for February programs. We know just how miserable great britain is within February so come sailing with us for a qualified Crew or Day Skipper program with a start day to 21st February and ask for our early spring provide of £399. Come February 28th we're in full swing.

Our first Yachtmaster Offshore or Yachtmaster Coastal program with exam begins 28th February with one place nevertheless offered.

VHF DSC program 28th February.

For anybody wanting a change of career in 2016, our very first Fast Track programs will begin on 31st January and 28th February. This may be considered you in time to begin assist our colleagues at Neilson Sailing, Nautilus Yachting or Med Sailors as Flotilla Skippers for summer season in the Med.

Our Fastrack students from a year ago have gone to discover great jobs. Congratulations to Mareike and Lars who possess guaranteed a posture with Nautilus Yachting in Athens and Connor who can be focusing on a Tall Ship. The lovely Aurelie will, definitely, go on to produce success but we'll have to wait to see what they are. Desiring the woman the best of chance. A number of our time Skippers have also discovered jobs. The name Rock Sailing can start doors within the yachting business so we hope you join united states in 2016.

Quote for the thirty days

"Hi Carrie, I’m pleased to tell you that i've a job! Lars and I will begin as Flotilla staff at Nautilius while you probably already heard from John. We're starting end of April during the Athens Flotilla. Lars is going to be my host.

Thank you once again for the assistance along with your suggestions.

Greetings to Peter and the whole group!"

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