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November 28, 2021
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Holiday Courses on Lake Superior

Course Place: Apostle Isles, Lake Superior. Getaway programs take place into the breathtaking Apostle Islands near Bayfield, Wisconsin. Four-day classes operate every weekend from early June through late September. Students may pre-board your watercraft after 5:00 PM the Wednesday evening ahead of the training course begins.

Url to Apostles Isles Nationwide Seashore:

Url to "Our Marina, " at Pike's Bay, two kilometers south of Bayfield, Wisconsin:

Combined Basic Coastal Cruising Bareboat Charter certificates: ASA Courses 103 & 104
Fundamental Coastal Cruising (103) and Bareboat Charter (104) tend to be taught aboard our 34'-36' cruising additional sailboats as a four-day liveaboard training course. Course charge includes course materials - ASA textbooks, Coastal Cruising Made Easy and Bareboat Cruising Made Simple, course records and ASA Certifications. Pupils sleep aboard our sloops at the best marina in Apostle isles and anchor from Saturday night. Lunches on Thursday & Friday in addition to all dishes on Saturday & Sunday come.

The Bayfield blended fundamental Coastal Cruising and Bareboat Charter course can be planned as a normal Bayfield program or as a family group and Friends program.

To start out your registration, please return the shape below with favored dates and course info either web or by snail mail to:
Northern Breezes Sailing Class, 3949 Winnetka Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55427

2017 Season
Docking Lake Minnetonka: Sat-Sun: Might 20-21
Spring Delivery Adventure: Sat-Mon: Might 27-29*
Docking Bayfield: Sat-Sun: Summer 3-4
Family&Friends 1: Mon-Wed: Summer 5-7
Bayfield 2: Thurs-Sun: June 8-11
Family&Friends 3: Mon-Wed: Summer 12-14
Bayfield 4: Thurs-Sun: Summer 15-18
Family&Friends 5: Mon-Wed: Summer 19-21
Bayfield 6: Thurs-Sun: Summer 22-25
West Lake Better Destination Adventure: Fri-Fri: Summer 23-30*
Family&Friends 7: Mon-Wed: Summer 26-28
Bayfield 8: Thurs-Sun: Summer 29-July 2
Family&Friends 9: Mon-Wed: July 3-5
Bayfield 10: Thurs-Sun: July 6-9
Family&Friends 11: Mon-Wed: July 10-12
Bayfield 12: Thurs-Sun: July 13-16
National Parks-Isle Royale and Apostle Isles Adventure: Fri-Fri July 14-21
Family&Friends 13: Mon-Wed: July 17-19
Bayfield 14: Thurs-Sun: July 20-23
Family&Friends 15: Mon-Wed: July 24-26
Bayfield 16: Thurs-Sun: July 27-30
Family&Friends 17: Mon-Wed: July 31-Aug 2
Bayfield 18: Thurs-Sun: Aug 3-6
Family&Friends 19: Mon-Wed: Aug 7-9
Bayfield 20: Thurs-Sun: Aug 10-13
Family&Friends 21: Mon-Wed: Aug 14-16
Bayfield 22: Thurs-Sun: Aug 17-20
Family&Friends 23: Mon-Wed: Aug 21-23
Bayfield 24: Thurs-Sun: Aug 24-27
Family&Friends 25: Mon-Wed: Aug 28-30
Bayfield 26: Thurs-Sun: Aug 31-Sept. 3
Family&Friends 27: Mon-Wed: Sept 4-6
Bayfield 28: Thurs-Sun: Sept 7-10
West Lake Better Destination Adventure: Fri-Fri Sept 8-15
Family&Friends 29: Mon-Wed: Sept 11-13
Bayfield 30: Thurs-Sun: Sept 14-17
Family&Friends 31: Mon-Wed: Sept 18-20
Bayfield 32: Thurs-Sun: Sept 21-24
Family&Friends 33: Mon-Wed: Sept 25-27
Fall Delivery Adventure: Sat-Mon: Sept. 30-Oct 2*

* Fun Sails with Learning and Experience but "No" Set Class
See our getaway classes inside Caribbean
Cost - $995 per individual; includes resting berth and all meals onboard. Meals ashore are the duty of each and every pupil. $95 discount for couples (any a couple registering together)
Teacher to beginner Ratio is just one to Four Maximum!
Prerequisite: ASA 101 - Fundamental Keelboat*

* Our company is versatile. If you wish time courses, exclusive classes, rides, refresher, etc. Kindly telephone call.

Call Northern Breezes Sailing School at 763-542-9707 to join up or ask questions.

The next two courses, fundamental Cruising - ASA Course 103 and Bareboat Charter Certification - ASA 104, are included into the 4-day mixed getaway training course program. Browse the individual course descriptions for more detail. Freedom in reaction to weather condition usually calls for rearrangement of scheduling of specific things in program from a single day to a different day.

- ASA Course 103

This is basically the very first part of a two-part program. Course was conducted on 34'-36' cruising auxiliary sailboats.
Pupils will learn the basic principles of big vessel cruising while doing it! Planning for skippering on bigger systems of water could be the focus. The fundamental Cruising Vacation training course is combined within the Apostle Islands with Bareboat Charter Cruising into a four-day real time aboard with pre-boarding the night prior to the program begins. This is basically the exact same system as our very successful British Virgin isles getaway week.

Program Outline

Day 1: Boat Systems & power, Electrical Panel, system, Prop Walk, Docking, Sailing Tacks & Jibes (feasible screening)

Time 2: Sail Trim, Crew Overboard treatments, Reefing, Heaving to, Anchoring (feasible evaluating)

Day 3: Navigation, Chart Problem, Rules regarding the Road, Sound Signals, Buoys, Lights, VHF, Cruising recommendations, Docking, Student Directed Reviews

Day 4: Safety Systems, Heavy Climate Sailing, Student Directed Ratings.

Has textbook, posted by United states Sailing Association, class records, exam and ASA certification.

Navigation instruments are going to be available for purchase.

- ASA Course 104

Bareboat Charter Cruising - component 2 is taught by U.S. coast-guard licensed captains on Lake better. Certified students can be bareboat charter certified from 30 to 45 feet.

This is actually the 2nd part of a two-part certification system. This is certainly a two-day live-aboard training course held on a cruising auxiliary sailboat on Lake better. Pupils will prepare all dishes onboard, and anchor out on Saturday night. Students will figure out how to steer the vessel under power, dock, anchor, and navigate in differing climate. Effective prospects will get bareboat charter certification upon conclusion. Teacher is ASA qualified, U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain.

Course Outline:

Day 1: Boat Systems & Battery, electric Panel, Engine, Prop Walk, Docking, Sailing Tacks & Jibes (Possible evaluation) Day 3: Navigation, Chart Problem, Rules of the path, Sound Signals, Buoys, Lights, VHF, Cruising Tips, Docking, Student Directed Reviews

Pupils should bring garments for many weather conditions, sleeping case, towel, and navigation instruments. Dishes from Saturday morning meal to Sunday lunch are provided onboard.

To start out your registration, please get back the shape below with favored dates and course info either on line or by snail post to:

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