Port Sailing School

October 13, 2022
Port Sailing School - Port

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NY State Secure Boating Program

New York State today requires a certification to operate a powerboat as follows: this course is required for people produced on or that seek to work a powerboat or jet-ski. This course isn't needed if vessel has no engine. Anybody of every age trying to run a jet-ski must complete this program too. Could obtain a certificate (frequently incorrectly referred to as a NYS Boating License or jetski permit) upon successful completion for this program. A temporary certificate are granted gotten same time as course.

Course Hours: 8:30- 4:30 Cost:


This course is made as a comprehensive boating program, training the basics of safe boating procedure. Taught by State Certified Instructors with products authorized because of the nationwide Association of State Boating Law Administrators. NYS needs classroom training, and also this class includes here subjects:

Accidents & problems
Boat Operation
Boating Associated Activities
Boats & Motors
Equipment Fueling & Ventilation

Marine Environment
Numbering & subscription
Individual Watercraft
Rules associated with Roadway
Secured Loading & Powering

Effective conclusion for the Coastal Cruising program leads to American Sailing Association (ASA) Certification.

Bring a treat and beverage. Written exam for certification scheduled later on at pupil's convenience. Prerequisite BK101.

Course charge: $690

This course is also obtainable in the winter as a seven-day real time aboard sailing class when you look at the Virgin isles and will be considered right here.

Note: This course qualifies that charter our our yachts. Invest the the program at another sailing college a request to charter from united states you are going to need to complete a checkout sail. Fee $150 for example hour.

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