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November 28, 2020
It is our priviledge to

We provide SAILING LESSONS for people sailors who would like to boost their abilities but do not require certifications and ASA CERTIFICATIONS to all or any amounts for folks who wish a certification.

With either path you decide, we offer:

  • Stress-free sailing training with an emphasis on safety, fun and discovering.
  • Sailing lessons to fulfill your private objectives while also sticking with ASA requirements.
  • Personal classes for groups, people, partners and households.
  • Family Charters and Lessons with a chance to discover the live-aboard way of life.

    If you should be selecting the opportunity to get-out regarding water on an inferior motorboat with others you will need to come quickly to our OPEN SAILING evening. If you’re searching for some thing bigger or with a captain, try looking in the Charters & Rentals menu for our many choices or jump straight to the CAPTAINED CHARTERS web page to see available boats.

    If you are enthusiastic about assisting our programs increase and attain more people, please visit our VOLUNTEER and SPONSOR page to find out more.

Start Sailing

Starting May second with a Potluck Dinner after open to all

Pot-luck Dinner 1st Monday of each Month

Open Sailing times are a great technique sailors of all of the capabilities to get out in the liquid. You can be a landlubber with no sailing experience, a world class racer, or anywhere in between. Age does not matter either… sailors from 7 to 97, so long as you get around a 14’ motorboat. Our fleet of greater than 25 FJs and sunfish can accommodate over 40 sailors.

Monday Nights
5:00 Rigging and a fast “how to”
– everybody sailing has to help rig. (we're going to explain to you exactly how)
5:30 Shove off (Simple quick course for some enjoyable racing you can also just sail around)
half an hour before sunset – Head back towards Boating Center.
Sunset – All boats will likely be endure the help of all sailors.

Appropriate outfit required, lifejackets offered. We've some wetsuits and drysuits available on a loaner foundation. We supply Zhik cruising clothing ( available for purchase.

Complimentary – Members of Bow to Stern Boating Center (account information available by March 1st)
$5/person – Non-Members

Non-Certification Training

Sailing Instruction without certification is offered to enable you to have personalized instruction that covers just what you’re interested in. Ahead of starting course, we’ll spend time identifying your goals and develop a curriculum around all of them.

You reveal who can maintain the class, what time works best and you’re able to choose a vessel that passions you the many. We’ll supply a qualified instructor so that your objectives are achieved.

Give us a call and why don't we allow you to achieve your sailing potential!


Prerequisite: None
General details: Sailors must sail a centerboard or multihull sailboat in light to modest winds and sea circumstances in familiar waters without guidance. A preparatory standard without any auxillary power or navigation skills required.

That is a daysailing standard on a monohull or multihull significantly less than 20 legs long and without a fixed or weighted keel.

Students are going to be taught the fundamental nomenclature, things of sail, “Rules associated with the Road”, safety, guy over board procedures, capsize and data recovery treatments, and instructions of a small vessel.

BKB #101

Necessity: None
General Description: Sailors must sail a centerboard or multihull sailboat in light to reasonable winds and ocean circumstances in familiar seas without guidance. A preparatory level without auxillary power otherwise navigation skills necessary.

BCC #103

Necessity: Fundamental Keelboat Sailing
General Description: in a position to cruise properly in local and local oceans as both skipper and crew on an auxillary sailboat around 20 to 30 feet in length, in light to reasonable winds and ocean problems.

When this class is completed, students should be able to prepare a boat, keep the dock, sail, anchor, keep anchor, come back to dock and “tuck in” a small keelboat. Pupils is taught the advanced nomenclature, things of sail, “Rules of Road”, protection, man over board procedures, and commands involving a tiny keelboat. They are going to additionally be able to reef, heave to, understand standard weather indications, and fundamental navigation.

BBC #104

Necessity: Basic Coastal Cruising
General details: a sophisticated cruising standard for individuals with cruising experience. The average person can become skipper or team of a 30-50 base boat sailing by-day in coastal waters. The conventional includes familiarity with boat methods and maintenance processes.

If this course is finished, students can plan departure, leave the dock, sail, anchor, keep anchor, return to dock and “tuck in” a midsized keelboat. They will be capable plan for residing afloat during a charter including use basic navigational abilities traveling from area to place. They likewise have an understanding associated with the systems on a coastal cruiser and how to make use of and perform fundamental upkeep on them.

Students must become skipper and team on a cruise of at least 48 hours during program.

CCM #114

Prerequisite: Basic Coastal Cruising, (can be done with) Bareboat Chartering
General details: a sophisticated cruising standard for folks with cruising experience. The average person can behave as skipper or team of a 30-50 base multihull sailboat by-day in coastal waters. The typical includes those skills special to a 30-50 foot multihull.

If this class is completed, students should be able to deal with a 30-50 foot multihull sailboat comprehending the differences when considering a monohull and a multihull. They'll certainly be able to arrange for living afloat during a charter including using fundamental navigational skills to visit from location to area. They will certainly also have an understanding for the systems on a multihull sailboat and how to make use of and do fundamental maintenance to them.

CON #105

Necessity: None
General details: capable demonstrate the navigational concept needed to safely sail a cruising vessel in coastal or inland waters. There's no sailing part to this standard and practical application of the cruising understanding is found in the Advanced Coastal Cruising traditional.

If this course is completed, students will be able to clarify chart signs, identify publications having navigational information, simply take bearings and convert all of them between real, magnetic and compass, allow for ready and drift, and plot a course taking into consideration outside causes, identifying the course to guide.

ACC #106

Necessity: Bareboat Chartering and Coastal Navigation
General explanation: an enhanced cruising standard for individuals with cruising knowledge. The individual can behave as skipper or staff of a 30-50 foot motorboat cruising by-day and evening in coastal and inland oceans in virtually any circumstances.

Source: www.bowtosternboating.com
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