Sailing School Montreal

February 7, 2021
First thing you should know:

Louis Charbonneau Sailing School

May day! May day! May-day !
Sailboat Ensueño on fire

Alegria 11 inside bay isles, Honduras
The storyline of Marianne and Gaetan cruising around the globe

Learning how to sail

Beginners : - Initiation, familiarization in mode leisure
Future sailors : who want to learn how to master the art of cruising. Become a great captain, skipper or a team

The many formulae in addition to costs

Weekend, from Friday after 7 pm until Sunday, late mid-day: 390 $ people,

Few days, 4 times, from Sunday after 7 pm until Thursday belated mid-day : 565 $ a person...

Week five days : 690$ you ...

Week 6 times 815 $ an individual ...

The prices are those of 2010, unless changes … These prices are the residence, no enrollment cost no taxes is included.

It is enjoyable to understand in an environment of enjoyment !

Program Agenda:
The program employs the theory … The development is according to the climate circumstance : if you have some stormy weather condition a first time, you learn how to reef, etc ...
You will be given a technical handbook upon enrollment outlining the theory of sailing.
Day begin is at 8:30 am (after breakfast). Lunch has reached noon whether cruising or at anchor. We generally stop around 5 pm for night housing, apéro, supper, very early to sleep

Note. It is important to note that all tasks tend to be provided. The skipper will prepare the very first morning meal to exhibit everybody how the "galley" (kitchen) equipment works The "trainee(s)" agree to take part in all areas plus in this way simply take a hand in his/her learning sailing and managing a large vessel.
These classes require a good amount of power to ensure they are profitable. They are the minimal skills to master the skill of sailing
and you'll obtain a certification of Proficiency detailing everything have discovered. This could be priceless for future chartering or insuring a vessel.

Details : obligations are shared: every person sets the neck to the wheel.
You need to provide meals for yourself and the team in collaboration using the other students. Telephone numbers and e-mail is going to be given to connection with the other trainees. It's also wise to permit expenses (tiny), such as for instance ice (if necessary), diesel fuel (sailboat ) and pump outs (commodes). Clean up costs when back slot ($40.00 - not appropriate should you choose same).

Maximums per class:
4 persons
Chartering is at the discernment of the owner/Captain and is maybe not usually offered.

Take note:
Various infractions may prevent you from crossing america edge - be sure to be sure you have no limitations.

For more details call: Nicol Barry 450-692-6982, or cross country (Montreal suburb) 514-940-9966 (...Bzzz..) 450-692-6982.
Email : Nicol Barry

The watercraft is well-equipped : ice box, alcoholic beverages stove, oven, BBQ (propane), meals, two toilets, … The trainee undertakes to be involved in the operations and consume hand his understanding.

Action .Action .Action

You will get a technical workout book when you look at the registration. Students' maximum : usually 4 individuals; there was a chance of increasing to 6 maximum when it comes to similar group or family … it's specially individuals who need find out, we don't frequently do chartering !...

NB. Interest ! You can not mix the border if you have already had a condemnation on criminal.

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