Westport Sailing School

October 4, 2020
Longshore Sailing School

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Remain true Paddleboarding is a phenomena taking off on the west shore. Come early july Longshore is taking the activity from Ca to longer Island Sound. Junior and mature Program classes may provided for the people interested in a lesson before moving out.

Hobie Getaway

Probably one of the most exciting boats in our fleet, the Hobie Getaway is a 17' rotomolded catamaran, perfect for the experienced sailor. With a mainsail and a jib, it's larger and roomier compared to Hobie Wave. It's the perfect boat for a higher performance sail for two, and for a great and exciting getaway for the entire household.

Hobie Wave

Quickly, yet steady; this watercraft promises a damp and wild ride when the piece of cake picks up. Recognized for its ease, you will discover the Wave one of the simplest catamarans to sail. The Hobie Wave can quickly manage around four grownups, though it is right to sail in just two.

Hunter 140

A family focused day-sailor capable of holding around four individuals. This centerboard vessel built with both a mainsail and jib is stable and simple to handle in most problems. Capsizing is rare as a result of paid down sail location inside mainsail. Pack a lunch and go out for some hours!


This famous design is a popular choice for intermediate and advanced sailors as it is therefore quickly and powerful. A Laser can be relatively simple to carry out in less heavy breezes, but this vessel can really get up and go when the snap sees, rendering it difficult to handle if you aren't experienced. Expect you'll get damp, and perhaps capsize! These boats can hold up to two individuals easily, even though it is best to single-hand as a grown-up


Longshore's entry level trainer, the Bug is a popular of junior sailors. With a rather flexible roto-molded plastic hull and moderate sail area, the Bug is ideal for juniors who're learning the fundamentals. In heavy winds, the Bug's main sail are reefed, making the motorboat much easier to manage. These carry two kids or one little adult easily.

Hobie Kayaks (Solitary & Double)

These boats tend to be fast and agile, however steady and easy to utilize. No knowledge essential. Go for a relaxing paddle, or get the exact distance and paddle hard building energy and endurance. The preferred local rental ships within fleet; kayaking is the quickest developing recreation into the country. Try it out!


Source: www.longshoresailingschool.com
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