Steve Colgate Sailing School

March 23, 2020
Colgate Offshore Sailing

Offshore Sailing class has received many recognitions and honors for creating top cruising instruction programs and sailing courses. It is recognized into the sailing industry as “America’s no. 1 Sailing class” around Sailing Courses. When you understand sailing, cruising or racing at Offshore Sailing School, you learn on sailboats carefully plumped for and designed for training. Your trainers are caring sailors with considerable cruising and training knowledge which give you the skills, understanding and confidence to thoroughly enjoy the sailing lifestyle – all under the assistance of our president, Steve Colgate, who had been inducted in to the nationwide Sailing Hall of Fame in 2015.
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Why We Tend To Be Number 1

  • Over 50 several years of award-winning programs and sailing training with more than 140, 000 students
  • Graduates, 83% of who ranked their latest experience with Offshore “very high” in a September 2015 study, attesting to your power to present above you can imagine inside program you decide on

“The biggest blunder of my sailing job was taking my Basic Keelboat Course within the nyc location with another school and not Offshore. We learned little with the various other college. Main Point Here is that from my knowledge Offshore rocks and it is the Harvard, Princeton, Yale of sailing schools.”

Keith Bloesch– Hoboken, NJ

Our Guarantee

After you perform a course on Colgate Offshore Sailing class, if the cruising training you received was not to your objectives, write to us right-away and we'll arrange to give you equivalent program once more, university fees free.

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