San Diego Sailing School

October 27, 2022
Intermediate and Advanced


Harbor Sailboats provides ASA cruising lessons for the novice through higher level sailor all year in north park. Our top-level cruising lessons through the American Sailing Association, will generate a foundation for your needs sailing career.

Visit a course Name for schedules, study guides, outlines and pricing.

  1. Global Proficiency Certificate– demand more details (sailing resume required)


The ASA “Challenge” is for sailors with completed a sailing resume (approved by HS Sailing Director) as they are competent to your ASA guidelines. To challenge the ASA Standards you have to advance effectively through the ASA system of requirements with both written and useful examinations as much as ASA 103 only. The ASA 101 challenge is free with account. The ASA 103 challenge is $350 plus 6% port fee (same cost once the actual program).

Exclusive Instruction

Have actually a difficult routine or really particular targets? Harbor Sailboats can modify exclusive lessons to meet your special needs and objectives. Sailing classes can be found aboard any motorboat into the Harbor Sailboats fleet 22’- 41’, including liveaboard choices. Licensed ASA teachers offer professional sailing instruction when it comes to beginner through higher level sailor for both class and useful on-the-water abilities. Phone the office today and let our friendly staff help with creating a package only for you!

Global Proficiency Certificate European / Mediterranean Chartering

Preparing a sailing journey overseas? Have actually strong sailing abilities but never ever got certified? This certification is advantageous when chartering in European/Mediterranean oceans. It functions as evidence of bareboat charter competency for Mediterranean chartering organizations, some of which need the skills information exhibited in an unusual format compared to the ASA Log Book. Will it be required for chartering? If that's the case, where? Kiriakoulis Charters accepts this certificate throughout its 300+ location charter community into the Mediterranean (Greece, Italy, Croatia, France, chicken together with Caribbean) as sufficient evidence of bareboat skipper proficiency. This document is not needed by itself by federal government companies in these countries, but greatly facilitates streamlining the paperwork. As countries vary inside their demands, tourists should always talk to their particular location ahead of attempting to charter. Call our company right at 619-291-9568 to find out more; existing Sailing resume necessary for all programs.

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