Biggest sailing Yacht

June 6, 2022
The yacht, called Sailing

Externally the sweeping teak and rollover-bulwark porches reveal a practical arrange for sail-handling and play, including foredeck stowage for the tender and step-down tanning platform for fun time at anchor. A long transom version further enlarges the aft deck and provides an even more determined look to the profile whilst enabling a dinghy storage.With its reduced profile, stretched deck saloon screen visually triggering a feeling of energy and purpose in a manner akin to the more tasteful of overall performance roadway cars, this Oyster 675 joins the newest ‘Coupé’ range.

Internally, with two large dual visitor cabins complementing the entire beam master suite and a 4th cabin for staff (with options for en package facilities), the Oyster 675 brings together choices to detail the yacht for family members, for periodic charter, and for long-distance exploring and adventure, with professional help aboard.

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