Maltese Falcon sailing Yacht

September 14, 2022
Maltese Falcon Sailing

A charter 'one off', the multi leading MALTESE FALCON delivers excellent cruising overall performance in uncompromised deluxe. A wide array of tenders and toys, the greatest outside cinema display screen regarding the water and absolute sail power all add to the knowledge.

The mighty MALTESE FALCON set new criteria in 2006 whenever she left the Italian garden Perini Navi. With a revolutionary cruising system 'the Falcon Rig', it was the initial of its sort to be noticed on the market.

These days, this woman is one of the more iconic yachts offered while offering an extraordinary charter knowledge. Her devoted and talented staff led by British captain Robert Bell make sure that everything is cared for along with the addition of an upper deck jacuzzi (which offers forward line seats to your al fresco cinema), a new spa location filled with on board masseuse and a refurbished fitness center she delivers on every level.

MALTESE FALCON's luxurious inside provides accommodation for up to 12 friends across six cabins. The woman large saloon is an excellent location for personal gathering and relaxation, plus a formal dining area comfortably sits 12. On deck, further options for al fresco food are available or even for fun under the sun, attempt a number of her watertoys which include jetskis, stand-up paddle panels, scuba equipment and an inflatable slide which is often connected to the top deck.

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