Sailing Yacht GEORGIA

September 9, 2022
Sailing Yacht GEORGIA - Alloy

Deluxe sailing yacht GEORGIA had been conceived whilst the ultimate household globe cruiser and is now the ultimate big charter boat as built by Alloy Yachts. She's huge and roomy cruising device with everything needed for a fantastic Mediterranean or Caribbean boat charter vacation.Built by Alloy Yachts GEORGIA is a 48m (159 ft) Scanu, Dalrymple-Smith, Johnson sloop and she had been the Showboats 2000 award winner: Most Innovative Sailing Yacht/Best Sailing Yacht Over 38m.

The style concerns included a necessity for four good visitor cabins, a fitness center and a complete width master suite. Her characteristic dark maroon hull is very eye catching along side the woman modern-day outside styling.

In a yacht with this dimensions, becoming the biggest sloop worldwide during the time, simple sailing, with a minor team, was a total prerequisite, also safety for several on board. GEORGIA has actually surpassed everybody's most enthusiastic fantasies.

Yacht Charter Accommodation

Guest Accommodation GEORGIA has actually four guest cabins and a gymnasium below, plus a full width master bedroom. Thus, she comfortably sleeps ten in the owner's area. GEORGIA's flybridge has actually immediate access from the bridge and features slot and starboard helm programs, seating aft, Spa Pool and sunlight pads. An aft stairway from flybridge, towards aft deck, causes air trained alfresco, yet shielded seating/dining area. There is a powder space of this type. Forward, via large stainless/glass doors, the formal main beauty salon will be port with large level display screen TV plus bar/seating area to starboard. Toward starboard, past among the two accesses into the visitor hotels below, may be the main starboard entry. Just forward is the 2nd on deck dust area. To port tend to be stairs around the bridge with use of the flybridge. Forward, from the main entrance, is the formal living area which is on the same degree. Forward of the eating beauty salon is the 2nd accessibility the guest rooms or via an automatic home to your galley to port and staff dinette to starboard.

Yacht Charter Specifications

Type/Year: Deluxe Yacht/2000
Refit: Beam: 10.10m (33' 1")
L.O.A.: 48.50m (159' 1") Crew:
Charter Guest: 10 Maximum Speed: 13 knots
Cabins: Machines: Caterpillar 3508
Cruise Speed: 11 knots More Yacht Info:

Charter Amenities and Extras

Tenders & Toys Tenders: Personalized 21.32'/6.5 m kevlar hull HB1 by McMullen & Wing with 230 hp Yamaha diesel inboard with outdrive. Note: 35+ knots with 10 friends agreeable. Novurania 4.2 (14.1') with 40 hp outboard. Toys: 2xZuma cruising dinghys, windsurfers, diving gear for 6 men and women and numerous liquid toys; donuts, trampoline etc. Audio Visual Equipment and Deck Facilities GEORGIA is provided with very higher level enjoyment systems suited to any boat. Produced by the Fort Lauderdale-based Intelect Integrated Electronics, the pc monitored system manages the production of nine satellite television tuners, two 20" LED screens, a 1000 CD and 300 time digital film library held on computer system disk drive, navigational displays and photographs from underway, safety and masthead digital cameras. The chosen images tend to be shown on boat's seven 40-inch Mitsubishi plasma screens, while an overall total of 52 B&W speakers, including 16 deck speakers as well as 2 complete Dolby Digital Surround Sound methods, replicate the best quality noise. The system is managed by Crestron 7"/18 cm cordless touch displays, positioned in every compartment, that are in a position to access anything for the system through quickly learned shows, in addition to controlling various other up to speed features including the lighting effects, curtains and blinds. Users are certainly astonished by the system's functionality and simplicity of use.The computer system system is considerable with server and cordless accessibility things. PCs when you look at the engine-room, team mess and bridge. Printer, fax and scanner all on the bridge. GEORGIA has got the after Communications phone program: 1 x Toshiba digital phone system with fixed handsets throughout and 2 x 900 MHz cordless phones. 2 x Telular GSM mobile phones integrated to system. 2 x Motorola US cellular phones integrated to system. There's provision up to speed for incoming calls from all for the after resources - coast land lines, satellite calls/faxes, and mobile. Radars 2 x Furuno 1510 x band radars with 4' antennas; radar repeater on bridge. Sat Com 1 x Furuno Felcom 81 Sat B associated with phone system 1 x Furuno Felcom 12 Sat C with printer GPS 2 x Northstar DGPS

Charter Yacht Disclaimer

This document is certainly not contractual. The boat charters and their particular particulars presented in the results above are presented in good faith and whilst thought to be correct aren't guaranteed in full. CharterWorld Limited cannot justify or assume any appropriate responsibility or responsibility the precision, completeness, or usefulness of every information and/or images presented. All info is at the mercy of alter with no warning and it is without warrantee. A specialist CharterWorld yacht charter consultant will discuss each charter throughout your charter selection process. Starting prices are shown in a range of currencies for a one-week charter, unless otherwise marked. Exact rates as well as other details should be verified regarding the specific charter contract. Simply stick to the "reserve this boat charter" link for the selected boat charter or call us and some one from the CharterWorld group are going to be in contact shortly.

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