Yacht Week Miami

September 13, 2022

With its 7th year, BACARDI Miami Sailing Week provided by EFG is building on the popularity of previous year’s activities, again supplying six times of remarkable sailing competition. Celebrating its 90th anniversary, the BACARDI Cup is actually a global known occasion respected by many people. The Trofeo Bacardi traces its origins to 1920’s Havana’s, Cuba.

The regatta was conceived as a three-day occasion with sailors contending for the Trofeo BACARDI within the Cup of Cuba’s Mid-Winter Championship. In 1962 political unrest forced the Bacardi Cup to go from Havana to Coconut Grove, Florida, in which it offers because been hosted because of the Coral Reef Yacht Club, the organizing expert for BACARDI Cup. Proceeding into 2017, the Bacardi Cup is still truly the only Cuban-born sporting occasion to endure in the United States. This event today appeals to significantly more than 200 sailors every year from some 23 nations while the interest of nationwide & worldwide news. The 90th flowing of this BACARDI Cup for Star course would be the marquee occasion of BACARDI Miami Sailing WeekCompetition the J/70, Viper 640, VX One, VX Evo, Flying Tigers 7.5, Melges 24 and A-Cats classes happens Thursday, March 9th, through Saturday, March 11th.

The prestigious Coral Reef Yacht Club in Coconut Grove, Miami will continue to support the BACARDI Cup and BACARDI Miami Sailing Week with Mark Pincus whilst the Regatta Chairman. The function will also be sustained by Biscayne Bay Yacht Club, United States Sailing Center, Shake a Leg, City of Miami, Coconut Grove business developing and Miami-Dade County.

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