Australian Powerboat Racing

May 31, 2022
Australia to host two UIM

After the 2nd World War, powerboat race in Australian Continent started to develop rapidly as troops returned home and industry additionally the general economy started initially to thrive. Materials created for war energy were just starting to be properly used in boats and there was clearly a great interest in automobiles that saw a lot of previously unseen motors getting into the nation.

Almost all of the imports were from either The united kingdomt, Europe or The united states. The English imports were powered by machines varying in capacity from 75ci to around 225ci. Makers had been Austin, MG, Ford (The united kingdomt), Riley, Hillman and Jaguar. Several of those had been side valve although some had been OHV models.

There were various from France, primarily, Renault, and Fiat, which were of 50ci to 135ci.

The US models came from Ford, GM, Chrysler, Dodge, Pontiac, Plymouth and Studebaker. The Fords had been primarily SV 8 cylinders or SV 6 cylinder's, accompanied in the late 1950's by 272ci and 292ci OHV machines. The Chrysler and Dodge were SV 6 cylinder models with some tiny hemi variations especially brought in through the Plymouths and Studebakers which were often 6 cylinder or little OHV 8's

Big capacity overall performance machines weren't provided in good sized quantities as all had been brought in for special purchases just. The greatest engines available locally in numbers had been both 351 Fords or 350 Chevs even to 1960's and 1970's.

A few people brought in machines from Ferrari and Maseratti into the belated 1950's and truth be told there additionally the surplus war motors from planes and tanks such as for example Rolls-Royce Merlins.

The courses raced in Australian Continent were intended to suit the machines readily available and were: 75ci, 95ci, 155ci, 266ci sv, 266ci ohv, 300ci and Unlimited (which were made up of anything and everything greater than 300ci).

The area speed business had been accumulated around the multitude of tiny capacity machines with all of the 8 cylinder equipment imported at large prices through the American which saw very changed little capacities operate effectively against mainly stock bigger United states machines.

Classes/engines utilized in the 1950's and early 1960's:

50 Cubic Inch:
Hulls were traditional 3 tips running on bike motors from either Triumph or Norton pulling 7 ¾ x 11-½ propeller.

75 Cubic Inch:
Hulls were between 12' and 13' long and powered by Ford Cortina or Coventry Climax engine modified from fire fighting pumps made use of during war.
The Climax would use a 9 x 17 propeller, the Cortina either a 9x15 or 15 ½

95 Cubic Inch:
Hulls had been between 13' and 15' 6". Engines had been Austin, MG or Ford Cortina/Consul range. The Climax in addition had been found in a small number of ships.
Propellers had been 9x17 ½ or 10x14 with a 10percent gearbox.

155 Cubic Inch:
Hulls had been 14' to 16' 6", primarily conventional. But Australia's first effective Cab-overs had been designed for this class during the early 1960's. Ford Falcon in addition to Australian Holden (GM) had been tuned to around 145 to 160 horsepower and used 10-½ x17 or 17 ½ propellers.
V8 60's had been in addition found in one successful hull.

225 Cubic Inch:
Hulls had been 17' lengthy and used SV Fords, Studebakers and Jaguars working 11x17 direct drive propellers or 11 ½ x 15 with 10percent to 15per cent in a gearbox.


There have been lots of conventional Jones style boats following the importation of plans into the mid 1950's. The local designers designed their particular hulls predicated on photos and their views in the Jones design. The standard regional builders invested longer building Displacement hulls since this had been in which the market cash had been, Ski Boats were big time.
Most Race Meetings went Displacement hulls against Hydros however events and we also had some perfectly created Skiffs and Runabouts.
The development of the hydroplane in Australian Continent was more pronounced in Sydney where they formed the NSW Hydroplane Club separate toward typical motorboat groups.

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