Sailing Yacht Nirvana

January 24, 2018
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View big type of image: S/Y NIRVANADesigner: Dubois Yachts

Material: alloy

LOA: 53.5 m (175.5')

Draft: 10.0 m (32.8')

Beam: 11.5 m (37.8')

Year: 2007

Guests: 10

Crew: 9

Nation Made: Netherlands

Naval Architect: Dubois

Yacht Class: Cruising

Sailing Yacht NIRVANA is a beautiful 2007 Luxury Yacht of 53.5 metres in length.Vitters Shipyard built and established the boat. Aluminium had been utilized for the building.

As for crew, she requires around 9. She has a draft of 10.0 meters and a beam of 11.5 metres. She ended up being integrated Netherlands. 10 may be the total number of visitors that may be accommodated aboard for sleeping.

Sailing Yacht NIRVANA

Nirvana takes advantageous asset of a sizable fly bridge sailing yacht knowledge but has an added, specially interesting feature: an overall total draft of only 9 feet (3 metres). This has been achieved by building a full-bodied hull form with ample beam, large ballast proportion and a pivoting centreboard to take the draft to 10 metres whenever completely deployed.

This large aspect ratio foil provides efficient upwind overall performance as the mixture of big beam and high ballast ratio provides excellent security.

The full programme of container assessment perfected the style and then we see this boat as having specific appeal to those wishing to explore superficial coastlines and being capable anchor quite closely to a beach within the correct circumstances.

Superyacht Nirvana have a particularly interesting overall look both outboard and inboard.

At the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show Awards Gala, Vitters Shipyard’s latest launch Nirvana took house the Overseas Superyacht Society Design Award into the category ideal sailing boat above 40m. After winning the “Prix du Design” for Nirvana during Monaco Yacht Show 2008, the Superyacht Society’s accolades once again confirm Vitters’ place near the top of the intercontinental yachting business.

The interior layout ended up being upset between Dubois Naval Architects and also the inside designer, Josep Juanpere Miret of this architects company GCA in Barcelona. The style defines a contemporary and stylish style, based on the valuable products and strong maintain details. Horizontal lines predominate when you look at the furniture design, and unique pieces built to deliver focus on single places.

The Yacht products tend to be chosen for their warmness and difference of tonalities and designs that creates powerful contrasts of light; the ceilings tend to be alternating surfaces covered with big slats in light striped oak and domes in light fabric, the walls tend to be alternating dark mongoy with textiles and leathers, the ground is an extremely dark pine parquet. All the illumination is formed by indirect outlines focusing the material variations and the appropriate elements of the furnishings.

The most crucial pieces that explain the project concept
can be found in the main deck because it was done in the
staircase, along with its lightness and visual transparency. Its a high-tech piece, maintaining an apparent user friendliness.

The superyacht’s interior, with a decoration by GCA Arquitectes Associats of Barcelona, is deceptively easy, hiding a great deal of smart design.
GCA’s design concept revolved around convenience and mobility, as the owner ended up being greatly mixed up in task through the general concept to
certain technical solutions. The inner fashion designer specially welcomed this share for the way it aided make sure optimum compatibility
between high-tech solutions and also the homely personality they certainly were aiming for.
In terior


The challenge of creating sailing yacht Nirvana had been driven because of the very first and
leading item inside design quick: to construct a comfortable and well-performing boat with luxurious interior areas, with a draught of only three yards. Because of the second limitation, the overall design became a balance between draught and ray. As a result, Nirvana features a comparatively reduced wetted surface, with no keel and no huge light bulb (that will be extremely expensive when it comes to wetted area).

Nirvana combines a wider beam with a daggerboard, which in the down position gives the yacht a 10-metre draught. Given that ballast is within the hull in the place of a bulb, the boat has a relatively broader beam of 11.50 metres. Her overall size is 51.70 metres and Nirvana carries 155 a lot of ballast.

The additional body weight and hull volume don't have any negative consequences for her overall performance. On the contrary, the reduced wetted surface area and deep draught daggerboard give Nirvana impressive upwind speed potential.

NIRVANA’s Flybridge and aft platform
The fluidity associated with continuous space continues to the flybridge where all of the individual components of the inner reappear, adapted into the outside
environment therefore the numerous features associated with the top deck. This might be a spot for leisure and dining as well as the main control centre where the
captain pushes the yacht under sail.

Start the transom and a vast system unfolds. A broad theatre-like staircase offers use of this large coastline, which are often lowered to water-level
to present a comfortable entry from sea. Right here too, during the really end of this gracious yacht, significant attention was handed on fluidity for the
continuous area, such as the surrounding water in complete picture.

Aft seat an d external area
The aft seat is a reasonable development from the luxurious hair salon (or maybe the other way around), showing the fluidity of room idea in its optima forma.
The seat location is designed as an outdoor dining and lounging location with the exact same convenience and standard given that indoor areas. The only real huge difference

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