Best handheld GPS for sailing

May 21, 2017
Not all the watches we tested

The marketplace is evolving for handheld GPS products, by way of tablets, phablets and newer, cheaper fixed-base GPS and sonar systems that fit easily on small-boat helms. Still, there are boaters whom occasionally need navigation up to speed and would like to double their cash with road and trail abilities in one single product. Yes, big-boat skippers should definitely have a handheld in their ditch case. Exactly what are the advantages and disadvantages of fundamental fixed-base and portable devices? And think about making use of an iPad? We took they to endeavor for their particular tales.

How Exactly We Tested
Points of Comparison
We looked over each device, noting its usefulness and its specific appropriateness for marine usage. Our knowledge tells us that the after requirements form a trusted yardstick determine its abilities.

Sonar Capability: Does the machine have a sonar up to speed, or could it be accessorized for sonar? New sonar products can use Wi-Fi to produce sonar on pills or smartphones.

Nautical Charts Included: most of the handhelds have actually different maps offered. Our test designs had marine maps bundled together.

Optional Charts obtainable: The great good thing about a handheld product is its portability and flexibility for applications besides marine use. Turn-by-turn highway maps are great benefits. We identify the capabilities of our test designs.

Road and Trail Maps: countless boaters enjoy the in the open air in several alternative methods including fishing, climbing and bike and auto touring. Detailed maps for those endeavors enhance the devices’ value.

Dash Mounts: RAM Mounts tends to make different dash and helm-station mounts for almost every electrical device. It's products for many of our tested gadgets. However, we preferred the custom fit of brand-specific supports, like those with Garmin’s Montana 600.

Unique functions: Having Wi-Fi software indicates the device can transfer waypoints and trails wirelessly between devices. It’s a handy option to share the fun and back-up your waypoints to a different unit.

Only the Magellan had a camera agreeable, and it shoots fairly good pictures also.

Turn-by-turn highway capabilities on the unit are fantastic if you don’t desire to use cellular information for navigating the highway.

How Exactly We Scored
We’ve used slider pubs suggesting most useful applications for a few navigating resources. For each bar, opposing requirements take either end. In this tug-of-war, there aren't any winners; merely some items are better suitable for some applications. But we highly valued the drifting portability observed in Garmin’s GPSMAP 78sc.

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