Single handed sailing Tips

January 12, 2016
The Boss Smashes Record!

Alan Roberts solo cruising 10 top recommendationslisted below are 10 top tips he offered during our time collectively.

1. Utilize processes.

Think through every manoeuvre you are going to do, exactly what the procedure is and practice it.

2 have actually checklists.

When you are tired, their thought process does not work well. Thus I have actually checklists imprinted aside.

‘I’m going gradually, just what do I need to do?’ examine pile is up; stack even more? Is trim correct? etc

It is beneficial to be able to revert to standard trim configurations, in which you understand you need to be at a certain rate and trim. Fundamental ones similar to this I print off, the remainder are on my computer system.

3. Get to know your autopilot.

Obtaining the trim of automatic pilot right so that the boat can sail rapidly, and achieving self-confidence with it, is crucial. This current year [during the Solitaire], we most likely hand-steered 10 percent for the race – the most effective guys maybe five per cent.

4. Consider disaster procedures.

We spend a lot of time contemplating worst-case circumstances. “what are the results basically drop the rig or keel? How will I remain secure and safe? Exactly how will I keep the watercraft afloat? If That's The Case, may I complete the battle and achieve an excellent position.” We don’t wish discover myself in a scenario in which i will be exhausted and in an urgent situation without having seriously considered that procedure.

I carry an EPIRB PLB and an AIS PLB on me at all times, plus a Gerber blade, electric tape and a 2m duration of Dyneema therefore I can lash or fix most things rapidly. Sail connections constantly live-in the companionway in the event emergency lashing is needed.

5. Have actually an optimistic mindset.

Whenever sailing solamente you don’t have actually you to definitely inspire you, to bounce tips off. So that you need to have suitable mindset, and remain inspired. (“Choose your attitude” is Roberts’ motto, inscribed on his navstation). Hold cool. Don’t get frustrated. Everyone has bad times.

6. Self-preservation is crucial.

There's no point going actually rapidly for 24 hours if this means you certainly will go-slow for 90 hours. Balance your power amounts; it is far better to take some speed struck before trying a large manoeuvre.

7. Keep in touch with other individuals.

Study from their knowledge.

Roberts, just who speaks Spanish and French, has-been attempting to easily fit in much more with the French Figaro sailors. French sailor Gildas Morvan, like, has done 20 Solitaires, a lot more than all of the Brits put together this year. who possess gathered 18 altogether.

8. Be ready.

There is lots you can do in advance. Tides is investigated per year in advance, along side exactly what channels for neighborhood forecasts an such like.

I started preparing the June start of the Solitaire in January, evaluating local results, tides and climate. I love to operate of many routings on Adrena using various wind skills and directions to provide an idea of most readily useful routings.

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