Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series

July 2, 2017
33rd Annual Lucas Oil Drag

theseries2Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series together with member organizations composed of, SDBA (Southern Drag Boat Association), ADBA (Arizona Drag Boat Association), CDBA (Columbia Drag Boat Association), KDBA (Kentucky Drag Boat Association) and SLDBA (St. Louis Drag Boat Association) all working under one guideline book unite competition teams around the world. With occasions including Ca to Georgia, Oregon to Tx the fluid quarter-mile has never already been this interesting as it is now.

Imagine feeling the ground rumble whenever lakeside given that Top Gasoline Hydro roar along the track with Estimated Time's of 3.396 and 255 plus MPH all this in 1000’. Besides the expert program, which consist of Top gas Hydro, Top Alcohol Hydro, Top Alcohol Flat and professional changed, we highlight four Sportsman classes which range from 8.00 to 11.00 2nd and three Bracket (dial-in) courses within the quarter mile.

All this action is seen within 60 minutes reveals on MavTV, Speed Channel, NBC Sports and CBS Sports incredible.

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