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August 31, 2022
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42 Lightning

Bear in mind this hull?

If perhaps you were on another watercraft, it is the one which left your jaw on your own chest because it roared last. The 42 Lightning is one of illustrious competition ship in history, winning more world and nationwide titles than any various other V-bottom in globe history. It shattered the whole world rate record eight times with the fastest two-way average of 171.883 mph. It has done more than simply win, this has completely dominated competition programs in the last two decades.

Everything started with Bob Nordskog’s Powerboat Special within the middle 1980s and continued under these types of stellar marques as Ohio Steel, Ocean Spray, Rio Roses, Pier 57 and Yachts Global. The 42 includes a staggered engine set up that brings the propellers near together, maintaining the center of gravity low, down across the keel where it works best.

With a set of Mercury 525 EFIs, the 42 will hit increases to 88+ mph. Insert twin 700 Mercurys with NXT1 gimbals and #6 uppers and reduces to dart as much as 105mph. Take to Mercury 850s to get an eye-watering 120mph. Nonetheless unhappy? Bolt into the Mercury 1075s and shoot to the stratosphere at significantly more than 130mph.

Own an established section of record, the 42 Lightning is the best price on the market!

42' / 12.8 m

8'6" / 2.6 m

Body Weight *:
13, 450 lbs.* / 6, 101 kgs

Fuel Ability:
328 gals. / 1, 241 L

Freshwater Capability:
13 gals. / 49 L

Draft w/ Decrease:
40" / 1.0 m

Recommended Power:
Twin Staggered Mercury 525 EFI w/ Bravo 1-XR/SSM/ITS
88+ mph

Cruise (gasoline) at 58 mph:
54 gph

Kilometers per Gallon:

WOT (Fuel) w/Twin 525 Mercury:
90 gph at 88 miles per hour

Maximum Cruising Number:

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