Offshore Race boats

October 31, 2018
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Clearwater Super Boat National Championship

These are some of the fastest and biggest overseas power boats on earth. The ships have F-16 jet canopies! Race groups consist of a two-person group - a motorist who manages the boat’s steering and a throttleman responsible for running to four motors with the capacity of making above 6, 000 horse power.

Extreme rates of up to 180 miles per hour and rough seas ensure it is impossible for an individual to guide and operate the throttles. The greatest race teams hone the cooperation between driver and throttleman down seriously to a science, and integrate probably the most higher level technology in their machines to build maximum speed.


Super Boat Unlimited

Super Boat Vee Unlimited

Super Boat

Super Cat

Super Vee

Super Boat Vee Limited


Super Boat Stock (S)

Factory 1 (F)

Maker Production

(P1, P2, P4, P5)

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