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June 20, 2017
Augusta Southern Nationals

Whether it’s on asphalt, sand, dirt or water, we’re fans of every way gearheads get straight and get quickly, even though we’re mainly about contemporary land-based drag racing here, you will find couple of things on earth even more exciting to watch than drag boats. Then when the guys at Kahn Media shot us over this brand-new video clip they put together featuring the planet record-holding Problem Child” Top Fuel Hydroplane, we had been about it.

pc for those of you not really acquainted with this type of drag rushing, and Top gasoline Hydros in specific, these incredible devices sport the very same 8, 000 horsepower, supercharged, nitro-burning, 500 cubic inch Hemi machines as a Top Fuel Dragster or Funny automobile. Indeed, the situation Child staff has actually a link with all the Kalitta Motorsports NHRA group, which truly will pay dividends aided by the close crossover in parts and technology. The “Problem Child” ship, possessed by “Fast” Eddie Knox, could be the reigning Lucas Oil Drag Boat Series Top Fuel globe champ and holds the 15 fastest 1, 000-foot elapsed times in history, like the current 3.396, 258.26 mph nationwide records. The motorboat has been quicker yet, but having recorded a 3.36 final season and a speed of over 260 mph. On water, people.

The movie seen right here depicts the “Problem son or daughter” group as well as its fearless pilot (or traveler, possibly) Darryl Ehrlich as they competed at current Lake Irvine Classic in Irvine, Calif. as the staff marched to a different event crown, this time around pressing off a 3.42 at 253 mph on choppy pond surface. View as the peaceful tranquility for the nationwide anthem being sung converts to all or any of hells fury as Ehrlich takes their hands loose from holding line, brings the canopy closed, and lets the beast consume!

Source: www.dragzine.com
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