Sailing Boating

October 26, 2022
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Big Break Local Shoreline - Oakley

Vehicle Entry Fee: No fee. Watercraft release: Kayakers and canoeists can access the waters of huge Break from the on-site beach launch, a ¼ mile stroll from the parking lot. Watercraft Release Fee: No charge. Watercraft Leasing: No rentals.

All watercraft have to have wearable coast-guard approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD) readily available for each traveler.

Contra Loma Regional Park - Antioch

Vehicle Entry Fee: $5 per car; $4 trailered automobile; $25 per bus. Boat establish: Visitors may launch ships of up to 17 legs. Electrical engines only; no gasoline-powered machines are permitted from the reservoir because it is a crisis backup water-supply for Contra Costa Water District. Persons making use of float pipes need life jackets using them. Boat establish Fee: $5 each day trailered vessel (electric engines just); $3 a day automobile top or expansive; $2 a day windsurf board, windsurfers has to take a bath and wear a wetsuit. Watercraft Inspections: cartop, trailered. Additional Information.

Del Valle Regional Park - LivermoreAll watercraft have to have wearable Coast Guard authorized private Flotation Device (PFD) designed for each traveler.
See additionally our Fishing page.

Car Entry Fee: per vehicle whenever kiosk is attended; per trailered vehicle. Buses: /per coach. Boat Launch: there's absolutely no watercraft launch center. Only sailboards, kayaks and car-top inflatables tend to be permitted at Crown Beach. Boat leasing: Kayaks and sailboards are around for local rental. Lessons and gear Rental: Boardsports class provides kiteboarding, windsurf classes and windsurf equipment rentals to site visitors. For information, check out their website at: or email the Boardsports class at

Del Valle Local Park - Livermore

Vehicle Entry Fee: $6 per automobile. $4 per trailered car. $3 per vehicle at Arroyo staging. Buses: $25 per bus. Boat Launch: site visitors may start any dimensions watercraft during the community watercraft launch ramp. JET SKIS aren't allowed. Watercraft Inspections: cartop, trailered. Float pipe evaluation is each. Internal pipes tend to be no-cost. More Info. Boating Regulations:

Capsized boat cost- Engine ships of every size tend to be permitted. Crown Memorial State seashore - Alameda JET SKIS aren't permitted. Speed restriction is 10 miles per hour on entire pond. All watercraft should be off pond 60 minutes before gates are shut (note: closing times vary throughout the year). Boats, operators, and people must satisfy and observe all appropriate Coast Guard, State, and Federal safety demands (including having approved life vests for each ship occupant, operable fire extinguisher agreeable, and observing alcoholic beverages limitations, that are just like with cars). All watercraft must be registered.

Boat publish Fee: $5 a day trailered watercraft; $3 a day car-top or inflatable; $2 a day windsurf board and paddle boards. Boat Leasing:

Rocky Mountain Recreation business offers rentals such as for instance motorboats, pontoon boats, canoes, rowboats, and paddle ships. Kindly visit their site at: or call (925) 449-5201 for price and leasing information. Outback Adventures offers kayak, paddleboard, and windsurf board rentals. For prices and local rental information check out or call certainly one of their retail stores:

Fremont: (510) 440-8888 or Larkspur: (415) 461-2222

Lessons: Outback Adventures offers kayaking, paddleboarding, and windsurfing classes. For rates, information, and a schedule of courses visit or phone (415) 461-2222. Tour Boat: Join our interpretive student aides on a ship tour towards the dam. They'll reply to your questions about the lake, the wildlife, therefore the tasks designed for you in park. Bring a jacket, sunscreen and binoculars if you have all of them. Purchase tickets at west-side concession starting at 11:00 a.m. Ship trips tend to be weekends just, from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Del Valle Regional Park - Livermore Martin Luther King, Jr., Regional Shoreline Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area Shadow Cliffs Regional playground

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