Sail boat Show

September 7, 2022
St. Petersburg Power

The 39th Annual St. Petersburg energy & Sailboat Show, the biggest motorboat show regarding the Gulf Coast, is set to sail in to the Duke Energy Center when it comes to Arts Mahaffey Theater Yacht Basin and Albert Whitted Park in St. Petersburg, Fla., from Thursday, Dec. 1 through Sunday, Dec. 4, 2016.

The tv show will feature an extraordinary collection of power ships and sailboats in liquid as well as on land, including a 40, 000-square-foot clearspan tent housing various types of marine equipment. Show-goers will find hundreds of energy boats and sailboats including family members cruisers, runabouts, fishing boats for sale, magnificent cruising yachts, private watercraft plus much more.

In addition to the big selection of exhibits at this 12 months's program, you will have numerous unique occasions and enjoyable and educational activities, including AQUATIC SEMINARS as well as the youth fishing clinics provided by the non-profit Hook the long term. Military workers get free entry with an ID, and toddlers 15 and under are Free!

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