Sailboat Listings

November 1, 2022
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B.) For those who haven't currently included an ordinary listing, add your listing (click "Post an Ad", generate an username and password, and publish your boat's details and image.)

c.) Be sure to enter the same email address whenever you pay via charge card as you used to produce the listing.

In 24 hours or less of one's payment, we are going to add your watercraft to your Featured Listings on our Homepage! It's that facile!

2.) desire to include an image but don't have a scanner?

If you want to incorporate a photograph of the sailboat but do not have a scanner, we would be pleased to scan you need to include your photo(s) for you. Simply deliver your photo(s) to:
c/o Boat Design Web
Package 52
Beaver Area, MI 49782

Integrate ten bucks ($10.00) per picture to cover our time, your email and/or phone number so we can complement your image utilizing the listing you've got put into our database. Repayment via check or money purchase is okay.

Kindly make checks payable to
Boat Design Internet

3.) What sort of visibility does an advertising on get?

The number of times your advertising should be seen depends upon the specific motorboat in question and how well-known its with people looking our website plus the internet as a whole. You might see our total site data for an idea though of what amount of people are presently seeing and searching on our web site. We've been happy with your development over the past many years.

4.) Any kind of costs involved?

You are welcome to record your vessel free-of-charge with no cost.

If you wish a thumbnail of one's vessel to show up on our Home Page to increase visibility of sailboat, the cost is $25 for a featured advertisement for 2 months. See above.

5.) What are the regards to solution?

Kindly view our regards to solution & accessibility arrangement (website link) — they're the terms you need to consent to being access our web site or even upload your ship available on our web site. It is critical to keep in mind that all transactions are direct between buyer and vendor; will not work as a brokerage or display screen or be considered buyers or sellers at all. doesn't request or recieve any fee on the basis of the purchase of any vessel posted here. All deals tend to be direct between customer and seller.

6.) We forgot my username & password

Kindly jot down your account when you first create them. They are one-way encrypted and we'll not be capable recover your password for you later on if you forget it.

7.) just how do i alter or erase my advertisement once my ship has offered?

Please delete your advertising whenever your motorboat sells.

You have to login aided by the password you used whenever you created the Ad. Once you login, the Modify and erase features will show up in the top menu club, and can record all adverts you have involving your username. (it is possible to just delete or change ads which fit in with you.)

If you forget your username or password, you need to use the assistance type below to request current ads be erased, or for your password to-be manully reset (providing you gain access to the contact email listed on the advertising), and also this are going to be done as time enables. It might take some time to reset your password for you personally, therefore kindly remember your password. We are going to not be able to alter Free directories for you.

get concern, therefore we are happy to modify or erase at your request.

8.) is it possible to help me to approximate how much you will be charged to send a sailboat from town to another?

9.) Can desired adverts be posted?

No, sorry. is for posting particular sailboats on the market. Wanted or trade ads are not at this time an alternative.

10.) Can Powerboats be noted on

No - kindly look for or post made use of powerboats available on

Call us for Assistance or even Give suggestions:

Search for a Boat Right Here Initially!

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