Solar Sails for boats

March 28, 2020
The "MS Turanor"

Only at Victron we always should keep our eye on growing technologies and exactly how they may relate with our products, both now and in the future. Solar cloth is one these types of technology that features undoubtedly got myself excited. You can observe the solar power cloth panels embedded when you look at the mainsail of the boat above, that will be perfect as deck area for standard modules is limited on sailing yachts.

Solar fabric is not just for ships though. Yesterday we talked to Alain Janet from and discovered that it's also incorporated into canopies, to give power for outside occasions for instance or undoubtedly to recharge electric automobiles. Even an awning for an RV or overland 4 x 4 could probably use these types of a system too.

But Alain is a sailmaker to trade and obviously its for the reason that industry that his first system is to be deployed, with UK Sailmakers (France). Great britain Sailmakers team has over 50 lofts and solution centers on the entire world, so to my head they are in a position to carry this technology to market.

Here is a press release, concerning these brand new PowerSails.


Defi Martinique

Frenchman Daniel Ecalard features registered their Open 50 DEFI MARTINIQUE into the 3, 500-mile path du Rhum from St. Malo, France to Guadeloupe when you look at the Caribbean. Their goal: to complete the race with zero carbon emissions. Ecalard intends to carry no diesel for producing electrical energy in a boat that bristles with electronic devices that from communicating and navigating to making liquid and moving the boat’s canting keel.

He will use the vessel as a test-bed for clean energy solutions. Their primary source of power will likely be solar power panels laminated into his Titanium® mainsail to pay for all boat’s electrical requirements. The sails are increasingly being made by UNITED KINGDOM Sailmakers France, which includes created the technology for solar cells which can be either laminated to new sails or affixed to existing sails. This exclusive technology is known as PowerSails and is becoming produced by Alain Janet, owner of UNITED KINGDOM Sailmakers France.

These cutting-edge, light-weight movies can produce electrical energy in low light and indirect sunshine. These are generally supple adequate to deal with the sail becoming luffed including folded. The panels will likely to be devote top of the an element of the main, above the third reef.

Janet says your mainsail for DEFI MARTINIQUE is anticipated to produce on average 500 Watts hourly, spending plan allowing. Ecalard’s motorboat had been built-in 1998 for that year’s BOC competition. In 2002-2003, Brad Van Liew won the 50-footer unit for the 30, 000-mile Alone Around Race by winning all feet with this specific vessel. She nonetheless holds the 24-hour length record for a singlehanded 50-footer when she went 345 miles in a day. In 2008, she won her class into the Newport Bermuda competition. This Season the vessel starred in Hollywood film “Charlie St. Cloud.”

Ecalard’s ultimate goal should build a cruising freighter for working the inter-island trade-in the Caribbean. For more information about any of it task head to:


As a footnote, we in addition desire Alain best wishes for their PowerSails task. While there clearly was a place for Victron to aid, after that I’m yes we're going to as appearing areas and technologies are definitely a vital to company development for several. So, if on your Victron travels you also come across one thing brand-new, which noteworthy of a post here on the Victron blog, do inform us.

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