Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club

August 30, 2022
Mandurah Offshore Fishing

The Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club (MOFSC) is celebrated inside our region for
becoming a residential district inclined club. The Clubs accomplishments during the last 2 yrs were
recognised whenever Club ended up being selected as a finalist in 2015 ‘Best Community
Engagement Initiative’ during the bi-annual Marina Industries Association meeting
Marine15, Gold Coast, Queensland, 3 May 2015.

The Marina Industries Association President, Andrew Chapman highlighted the
competitors when it comes to prizes ended up being the best ever and record range entries have been
obtained from Australia also nations. “It is a sign of the growing power of this
marina companies that people tend to be celebrating the superb achievements of the winners and
finalists at Marine15 Conference and Exhibition”.

Among MOFSC’s many commendable programs is its collaboration using the Fishers with
Handicaps, using the Club and its particular resources for personal fishing fortnightly, offering
many handicapped community members with an original opportunity.
“For all of our individuals going fishing regarding the ocean or perhaps in the Estuary ended up being a
fantasy. With our partners we've made this fantasy be realized. We therefore we
continues to help several neighborhood groups experience the stunning waterways in and
around Mandurah”, commented Past Commodore Greg Hancock.

Early in 2013 the Club commissioned a Support Boat that satisfied a summary of
needs required for a fruitful impairment programme. The motorboat was purchased with
the assistance from partners with a typical eyesight of neighborhood spirit. Special recognition goes
to the Community department of the Bendigo Bank, Alcoa additionally the numerous Club members which
contributed to fundraising.
Club aquatic CEO, Simon McLean said the prizes perform an important role in cultivating
company enhancement across the marina industry. “Congratulations towards champions,
finalists and all the entrants into the prizes. The Awards procedure needs time for you to think about
one’s business performance and also this by itself is a tremendously healthy process”.

MOFSC continues to build about it’s community help, hosting first class events and
programs including: The Mandurah Boat Show, Sail into lifestyle, RecFishWest, Camp Quality,
the Buoyed Up Program, and partnering utilizing the City of Mandurah when it comes to Australian Continent time
Flotilla together with Stretch Festival.

The Marina Industry Association’s goal will be offer the sustainable development of the
marina sectors through education, accreditation and study programs. The Mandurah
Offshore Fishing & Sailing Club is pleased become a part of this developing support-network.


Marina Industries Award

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