Vanderbilt Sailing Club

November 19, 2019
HIYC is the home port of the

Welcome all who want to turn out and sail with us every Sundays. Kindly feel free to get in touch with Lauren Ballejos for details.

Constitution and Bylaws
The Vanderbilt Sailing Club runs based on a couple of bylaws very first ratified in 2004 and amended regularly. You might view an online type of the state copies of the bylaws and along with other policies following the links below.

Fleet Usage Plan

Vanderbilt Sailing Steering Committee
Led by Chairman Charles Reynolds '92, the Vanderbilt Sailing Steering Committee (VSSC) is principally centered on the purpose of acquiring steady, long-lasting funding when it comes to sailing system and varsity staff status at Vanderbilt.

Under is much more details about the Vanderbilt Sailing Team.

Towards Fleet

Basic information about the fleet and the formal names regarding the boats sustained by pupil and alumni contributions.

Historical Archive

a historic number of previous news stories and formal reports the Vanderbilt Sailing Club.


Historical information and customs of the Vanderbilt Sailing Club.

Past Commodores

An extensive variety of the club's previous commodores.

Steering Committee
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