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June 4, 2017
The San Francisco Sailing

Combined package containing both Basic Keelboat we and fundamental Keelboat II

Basic Keelboat Sailing One is our introductory program built to bring the newbie pupil in to the realm of cruising. We start with a quick 30 minute in-class lecture on cruising principle and motorboat maneuvering after that head down seriously to the boats. Our focus is on useful vessel management and seamanship therefore the majority of associated with the course is taught on water. This two day course covers the basics of exactly how a sailboat techniques and what must be done to operate. From the first day the students discover ways to set up a sailboat and steer on a desired program. Because of the end for the second day our students are capable of all of the maneuvers required to get a sailboat to virtually any plumped for location. Upon conclusion of Basic keel-boat one our students are thought skilled staff and they are willing to advance to basic keel boat sailing two and our nationwide acknowledged sailing certification.

Fundamental Keelboat Sailing Two is the last half of your American Sailing Association certification program. This two day class addresses more advanced sailing methods and maneuvers while reinforcing the skills gained in basic keelboat sailing one. Besides a short introduction the whole class is taught in the liquid providing students just as much cruising time as you possibly can to learn. Upon conclusion of fundamental keelboat sailing two not just do our pupils receive the nationwide recognized ASA certification and the self-confidence to operate a sailboat regarding the bay area Bay.

Basic Keelboat I
Sat/Sun, Tues/Wed or Thurs/Fri - 2 times per class, 6 hours daily
(9:30 - 3:30),

Basic Keelboat II
Sat/Sun Tues/Wed or Thurs/Fri - 2 days per class, 6 hours daily
* $86 program product and ASA account charge necessary for official certification
* Advanced scheduling required, minimum 2 pupils in attendance needed or at the mercy of termination. $50 rescheduling/cancellation fee may use .

  • Member $690
  • Non-Member $790

Sat/Sun, Tues/Wed or Thurs/Fri - 2 days per class, 6 hours each day
(9:30 - 3:30),
* extra $35 for program product advised
* Advanced scheduling needed, minimum 2 pupils in attendance needed or at the mercy of termination. $50 rescheduling/cancellation cost may apply, 7 day notice required.

  • Member call
  • Non-Member $490

Sat/Sun, Tues/Wed or Thurs/Fri - 2 times per course, 6 hours a day
(9:30 - 3:30),
* course material and ASA account fee needed for official certification
* Advanced scheduling required, minimum 2 pupils in attendance required or subject to termination. $50 rescheduling/cancellation fee may use .

  • Associate $390

Skilled sailors may try out of any of your classes by proving on / off water competence. There was a-two hour on-water exam and an in class written exam pursuant to your training course amount. Thus giving experienced sailors international certification, lowers vessel insurance costs (named safe sailing class), and enables all of them to lease boats from charter companies.

* $60 for ASA Log Book, test, Membership
* Advanced scheduling needed, minimum 2 pupils in attendance required or susceptible to cancellation. $50 rescheduling/cancellation cost may use .

  • Associate $240
  • Non-Member $340

The San Francisco sailing schools basic seaside cruising course was created to build from the abilities created when you look at the fundamental keelboat cruising course. This certification course is covered in one night and two full times, essentially one week-end.

The program is quick paced with some hours of in-class instruction at night followed by 2 full times from the water. As soon as finished our pupils will be able to hire ships up to 27' from our pier 39 place and from any charter organization on earth (numerous will hire much bigger ships in easy areas like the Caribbean).

Much of this course is made upon standard keel-boat and powerful understanding of this course must pass BCC. If it's been a little while because you took basic keel boat you might study for quite before coming into class or schedule an exclusive tutoring session to wipe the cobwebs off your sailing skills. We could offer study guides in the event you need one.

Currently the basic seaside cruising course in a faster time frame than other schools when you look at the bay. In the place of 4 shorter days we offer the course in 1 night and 2 longer times. This means you could get certified in just one weekend. We could repeat this due to our ideal location supplying the best sailing right away from marina. We do not need motor all day like other schools, and our challenging location means pupils understand faster. In the event that rate associated with the class is to quickly for some body they truly are welcome to go on it once again at no extra cost. This is how we guarantee our pupils of the maximum training into the entire San Francisco Bay.

Friday 6:30-9:30 PM
Sat and Sun 9:30-5:00 * $11 test & certificates Fee
* Advanced scheduling required, minimum 2 students in attendance required or at the mercy of termination. $50 rescheduling/cancellation fee may apply .

This advanced level 48-hour course was designed to instruct sailors just how to plan for and perform a multiday cruise here regarding bay or around the globe. This is actually the "Caribbean charter prep" course. Our experienced instructors can not only teach you tips sail a huge boat, and how to cruise in style and comfort, anything many sailors never ever learn.

This program includes 2 evenings included, Friday at our dock at Pier 39 and Saturday night somewhere breathtaking from the Bay. Fundamental keel-boat (ASA 101) and Fundamental Costal Cruising (ASA 103) and 2 bareboat charters (as skipper) are needed ahead of taking this course.

The class begins on Friday night, 6:30-9:30, with a mix of classroom preparation and on-the-boat research of watercraft methods and upkeep. Tankage capabilities, dinner planning and provisioning, preparing under way, diesel motor fix and upkeep, and extended cruising first-aid are only a number of the classes covered the very first night. Students can choose to sleep aboard on first night at our dock at Pier 39 or come-back very early Saturday early morning to begin cruising.

Saturday is spent sailing the bay, learning how to manage a complete sized boat and working using different methods. Residing afloat, weather condition, big motorboat seamanship, training course plotting and ETA, cruising courtesies and customs are covered on Saturday. That evening is invested at anchor or a mooring someplace breathtaking inside bay.

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