Caribbean Sailing School

December 11, 2022
Caribbean Sailing School

Join united states in Caribbean, for a total liveaboard cruising program aboard an attractive Jeanneau boat. We’ll sail from island of Grenada and browse many other islands into the Grenadines.

Explore this spectacular location while earning American Sailing Association 101, 103 and 104 certifications (Basic Keelboat, Basic Coastal Cruising and Bareboat). Throughout a week, learn to sail and gain the knowledge, knowledge and certifications to charter sailboats all over the world, and begin your very own cruising adventure!

The reason why Grenada and also the Grenadines?

After cruising in other well-known Caribbean spots (just like the Brit Virgin Islands and the Bahamas), we fell so in love with the Grenadines. The “Spice Islands” offer an amazing mixture of tradition, remarkable surroundings, friendly folks, numerous marine life, and unspoiled shores. Perfect cruising conditions, and also the not enough crowds, get this a fantastic location to carry out our Caribbean cruising classes and programs.

We strongly recommend investing an extra couple of days, either before or after your trip, checking out this original destination. Whether wandering through St. George (the historic and colorful capital), diving the reefs, ingesting a rum distillery trip, checking out a cacao plantation, driving through the dense forest to mountain waterfalls, or touring the island in a rental car, there is certainly lots to see and do.

Program Trainers

All of our sailing classes are taught by exceptional instructors, with a wealth of sailing knowledge. Nautilus Sailing trainers are knowledgeable, patient and dynamic teachers. They could tailor instruction to fulfill pupils diverse learning requirements and designs. Passionate about cruising and adventure, they love assisting others attempt their cruising trips.

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