Norwalk Sailing School

June 16, 2017
The Norwalk Sailing School

“we began Sound Sailing in 1986 to acquire taking part in sailing through a cutting-edge training and account system. Our instruction is dependent on a straightforward concept—in 20 to 30 hours you'll be out sailing my ships by yourself, so we damn really much better do an excellent work! The membership system makes use of ships I Love cruising myself.”

—Martin van Breems, president and owner Sound Sailing Center relies in Norwalk, Connecticut on gorgeous Long Island Sound. Our fleet runs as much as Maine in the summertime and down seriously to the Caribbean when you look at the cold weather. From our dock, you can be out sailing in the Norwalk Islands, in under five minutes, which are easy to explore with our smaller boats. Within a five hour sail you'll discover countless harbors ranging from the exquisite Thimble isles to historic Oyster Bay. Enjoy beverages or a meal while searching on the fleet on Sunset Grill, conveniently situated nearby. Historical South Norwalk, featuring many taverns and restaurants, the Maritime Museum and Aquarium and a lot of shopping is just a brief drive away. We're open Monday thru Friday year round and weekends during period. Instruction Our training methods tend to be practical, in the liquid, with less pupils than almost every other schools. We do not have over three pupils per teacher in our Introduction, Basic Keelboat, or Basic Cruising classes. We understand your time is important. Our ships and teaching methods are exclusively designed to be able to enable you to sail singlehanded after taking fundamental Keelboat, which helps you will get self-confidence rapidly. We highly encourage new sailors to be skilled with daysailers, before moving forward to bigger ships. Small-boat knowledge is the fastest and greatest method to be a competent sailor. Although some schools advertise a package system which has had you cruising larger boats in per week, you're going to be an improved sailor and luxuriate in cruising more in the event that you apply with daysailers. Rentals and Charters: Our fleet is diverse, including classic ships like Ensigns, to our leading, VAr37. As a whole, we choose great sailing qualities and powerful building. We purchase boats we fancy! Normally, every mainsail within fleet has a Dutchman Sail Flaking System, as well as other equipment like roller furling jibs enabling you to receive on cruising ina moment, regardless if singlehanded. Ensigns have actually electric motors, therefore even beginning the motor is straightforward. Charters are multiday rentals, to take prolonged trips on our larger boats. Rentals and Charters can be obtained if a boat won't have full membership. If you will likely to be taking out our boats under 4 times a year, rentals or charters would be the way to go. Membership utilize Program the program allows 7-8 people to share useage of one of our ships. Sound Sailing Center manages all the upkeep. Unlike other account, timeshare, or fractional use programs, you can expect far more freedom coupled with expert, on site staff, in a diverse fleet from our 2014 VAr37, to your affordable and fun Ensigns. People may use any vessel within fleet smaller compared to the main one they...

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